Friday Favorites 49

Friday, February 3, 2023

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- I recently bought a happy pack from artist Heidi Moreno and these are two of the postcards that were in my pack. I'll admit I shed a few tears when I pulled out the bunny one. They immediately got framed and hung on the wall in our kitchen. Tomorrow marks two years since we lost George bunny, I can hardly believe it's been that long.

- I love this quilty art print by Sophie McPike.

- This new book* on sewing clothes by Amelia Greenhall and Amy Bornman looks really cute!

- We've made this sandwich a few times in the past month with heirloom tomatoes and it's been a little magical slice of summer in the middle of winter. The only thing we don't add is the chile oil.

- I really wanted to give making english muffins from scratch another try. I used this recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking and they turned out great!

- My hellebores are sending up buds!! I love how early these bloom, can't wait for them to open up.

- Hilary Goodwin shared the backstory of her best in show 2020 Vision Quilt, it's really worth a read!

- This post by Colleen Molen (and the conversations in the comments) about fabric consumption really spoke to me.

- I've really enjoyed the content from Cassie Stephens (@cassie_stephenz) and her recent video on repurposing dried out glaze caught my eye. Beautiful projects made with something that could have gone to waste!

- We binged the first season of Only Murders in the Building over the weekend, and loved it! I love mystery shows and this was a great mix of mystery and funny.

- Kitten was playing in an empty laundry basket this week, here she is about to jump towards me! :)

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Love that book...I know how to sew clothes since I have a fashion degree but love looking at sewing books....AnD love little kitty❤️ I love cats..I was looking after some cats and Mozart (Mozie) was one of them.....Mozie loved to play bite....he would grab one of my fingers and hold it in between his teeth......not my cat..but loved him anyway. Best to you JB.


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