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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to spend a little time today sharing the various projects I'm working on at the moment. I've decided to shake things up a little this year and turn my monthly reports into quarterly reports! So instead, I'd like to sprinkle in a few more posts like this one.

Late last month, I whipped up a couple of pincushions just because. I went through my stash of random blocks and pulled out these two. Within a few minutes I had pincushions! I filled them with crushed walnut shells. For more on how I like to make/finish pincushions, see this post: All About Pincushions.

Back in December I put together this quilt top (and a backing!) made with lawn that I'd indigo dyed. Fast forward to the end of January and I finally got it sent off to be quilted. I'm excited to add another all-lawn quilt to our summer quilt stash. They're so soft and light.

In other quilt news I've been working on my double wedding ring, still. 6 arcs to go! I really hope to make progress on this quilt in February. We'll see. Ideally this month I will finish those 6 arcs, make a test block or blocks, and choose a background fabric!

This week I decided I wanted to make a valentine's inspired bag. I also decided that I wanted to use Lu Summer's 'porthole technique' to showcase a cute fussy cut print. I think it turned out pretty cute! You can find the technique for this type of patchwork in her book, Quilt Improv*. I turned the block I made into an everything size Lined Drawstring Bag, of course!

I've been doing a little crafting too! Our neighborhood is hosting a valentine's scavenger hunt. Basically you decorate your house with hearts and folks can walk around the neighborhood and see everyone's decorations. I decided to participate and went with a rainbow theme! I added them to all the street facing windows and our front door. Nothing fancy, just construction paper and double sided tape. I used my cutting robot* to make quick work of all the cutting!

I also finally made progress on my colorwork mittens! It may be small, but after letting it sit for months on end, I finally knit the colorwork thumb. I really dislike knitting thumbs in general, but colorwork ones I dislike even more. I had been putting it off until this past weekend when I made myself sit down and just knit the whole thing. Now I can start the second mitten, at last!

Happy Making!

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  1. Yay for mixing things up a bit. I enjoyed seeing the various projects you're working on!

  2. Your projects are always cheerful and inspiring.

  3. 'Just found your awesome blog. Beautiful quilt work. Your quilting room is so cute and organized. The Valentine's bag is adorable too.


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