Soft and Subtle Vintage Sheet Star Quilt

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Happy Wednesday! I have a newly finished quilt to share today!

Immediately after I finished my soft and subtle vintage sheet plus quilt I started this quilt! I knew I wanted to make another quilt using all low contrast (low volume) vintage sheets. I decided to make another baby quilt since they're quick!

For this quilt, I turned to star blocks. I don't know what it is about star blocks and vintage sheets, but they just go together so well! I've made a lot of star quilts with sheets over the years, here are a few: Giant Vintage Star Quilts and Pillows, Pastel Pozy Quilt, Sparkling Cider Quilt.

To see the many projects I've made with vintage sheets, check out this post: Projects Made with Vintage Sheets

Compared to my last soft and subtle quilt, I used a few busier prints for this quilt. I'm not sure I like the selection quite as well, but it does still have a similar effect! The star blocks are 10" finished and the quilt finishes at 30"x40".

For the quilting, I decided on just shadowing the diagonal star point seams. Nothing too complicated!

The backing is a sheet I used on the quilt top. This one isn't a particular favorite, but I have a lot of it. I thrifted it here in Connecticut. I believe I found four of the same flat sheet at one thrift store, so someone must have really been cleaning out their linen closet!

I tend to choose mostly stripes when binding vintage sheet quilts, so I thought I would mix it up for this one. I went with this blue floral that didn't make the cut for the quilt top. I think it goes nicely with the backing. I used one of my custom woven labels to finish it off.

I am on a vintage sheet roll, I already have another quilt top finished! This one is a throw size. I'm trying to decide what soft and subtle quilt to make next. I either want to make a throw size plus quilt, or make another baby quilt and turn this into a proper series of quilts. We'll see!

Soft and Subtle Vintage Sheet Star Quilt
Pattern: 10" finished star quilt blocks
Fabrics: Vintage Reclaimed Bedsheets

Happy Quilting!


  1. this is just lovely jeni. your creativity just keeps going. thanks for sharing and hope your sweet family is well.

  2. Jeni I love the vintage sheets. I still have some of your fabric and don't want to use it because the cotton is so soft and I love the print. It will be used for a super nice project. And I wondered if you have the time if you could do a post on your plants? You seem to have a knack for this as well. They seem really healthy and nice. Your indoor plants. I know you've covered the outdoor stuff etc.. And you've told us about your baking and thrifting and wondered if a post on your indoor plants and what you do to keep them up could be added? It would be greatly appreciated. I guess I'm being a little shallow because I'm trying to grow indoor plants as well as herbs and would love a post on that. I don't know if you accept requests? Thanks.


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