Monday, March 22, 2010

Friendship Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Received more of my favorite Pyrex pattern for my birthday! :)


Fabrics, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally decided to supplement my Hope Valley collection with the striped print. I'm glad I did it now rather than in 6 months, even though it breaks my hiatus.

Hehe :), originally uploaded by jenib320.
This little gnomie is living with me now! He's from 1980 and he's also a bell!

Lebron James, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Basketball season is in full swing and I'm loving it!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh night air
Sound of: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Taste of: Homemade shirley temple
Sight of: Fun mail!
Feel of: A nice nap!

Good Things about Today:
- The worst of this week is over!
- Despite the rain and gloom I got a few good photos
- George is being a good rabbit!


  1. *Sigh* Friendship is my all time favorite Pyrex pattern too! Really enjoy you blog esp. the beautiful pictures of pyrex, you always find such beautiful pieces.

  2. I'm just dying to know where you find all these pieces!! I LOVE this set!! You inspired me last week and I found a few pieces at a thrift store (check out the pics on my blog - mentioned you), but now I just want MORE!!


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