Hello March!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in the air!
Kicking off a month of green Pyrex over at Pyrex In Action!

My Mom gave me some beautiful vintage Liberty of London fabric :)

Spongebob & the library are getting me through my cold.

The first week of the shopping hiatus went pretty well. I did eat out twice, but spent under $10 total. I went thrifting a little more than I probably needed to. I did buy one thing that kind of breaks the rules. A piece I needed for my food processor. I am not really counting this though because I had been watching it on eBay for about a week before deciding to go on a shopping hiatus! All in all I'm happy with the first week and only hope I can keep it up! I have had some fabric temptation (via the internet of course!) but I have so far resisted :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Nothing, I'm sick!
Sound of: George
Taste of: Five Guys Burgers
Sight of: The blue sky! Finally!
Feel of: A hot shower

Good Things about Today:
- Starting to feel a little better
- Made it through my 60th day of Project 365!
- Cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes
- Five Guys Burgers :)
- And I saw a SMART CAR! :D

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  1. hey, great job jeni! loving the pyrex, although brussel sprouts are not my fave!
    keep up on the haitus...stay away from those fabric sites!


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