Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sky, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Today the sun came out. I saw the blue sky for what feels like the first time in months. I am so excited for Spring to arrive but it is still probably a long way off. Even though it was sunny, it was still cold for most of the day and there was still a chance of snow. At least it's getting closer though!

Sneak Peek for Jennifer, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finished another block for the 3x6 Mini Bee. Only one more left! :)

George Enjoys the Sun, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George flopped over in his favorite box this afternoon and took a nap in the sun. He was looking so cute and sleepy. It reminded me of my black cat, who loves to lay in the sun. Her fur gets so nice and warm.

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh air
Sound of: Cavs
Taste of: Creamy Chicken soup
Sight of: A sunny day!
Feel of: George

Good Things about Today:
- Only two more days until Spring Break!
- The sun and sky were out!
- George was being so cute.
- Had a nice nap :)


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