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Thursday, March 29, 2012

New York Beauty Mini by jenib320
New York Beauty Mini, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Hi Everybody! Hope your week is wrapping up nicely! Mine has had a very slow start (hence the lack of posts!), but I'm feeling re-energized now. This weekend and week are going to be jam packed with good stuff!

I was very happy to finish up this mini quilt today! It uses four New York Beauty blocks! You can find the pattern here, it's block 7.  I'll be sharing a tutorial to go along with the pattern on Monday! It's paper pieced, which made it totally do-able.  I used a variety of prints for the main part of the mini and Quilter's Linen for the background/binding. It finishes at about 16"!

Wonky Churn Dash Mini Quilt by jenib320
Wonky Churn Dash Mini Quilt, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Darci put together a little mini quilt swap between a few of us where we simply had to make a mini quilt and then vote on our favorites! This is the mini I made! Last weekend, Faith was making a wonky churn dash block, and I just couldn't get it out of my head! So, that was the inspiration for this mini! I used scraps of Anna Maria Horner voile prints from Little Folks and Innocent Crush.

Vintage Sheets by jenib320
Vintage Sheets, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I've slowly been thrifting more sheets over the last few weeks and finally got them into the shop!

Cathrineholm Teapot by jenib320
Cathrineholm Teapot, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
After waiting and waiting I finally got a Cathrineholm teapot! I have wanted one forever!! I won this one on ebay last week for a steal! It's so beautiful in person, I love it!

George Viewfinder by jenib320
George Viewfinder, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
This awesomeness arrived this week from Amanda for my Birthday! It is a viewfinder with a custom George reel! Such a super cool surprise! She ordered it from! I can't stop looking at it!

George by jenib320
George, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
George :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh laundry
Sound of: Harry Potter 4
Taste of: Cadbury mini eggs
Sight of: Clean apartment
Feel of: My Liberty tank!

Good Things about Today:
- Beautiful weather!
- Productive day
- Finally got some things put away!


  1. I just started week 1 of the New York Beauty and posted it on my blog, Pink Padme Designs! Cant wait to make every block and make a quilt!

    1. Hi! I saw that you were planning on making the complete New York Beauty quilt? Somehow I missed the tutorial for block 6 and now the link seems to be inactive. You don't perhaps have a copy somewhere of the block 6 tutorial please?

    2. You can find all the blocks here:

  2. What a fun week, love the mini's.

  3. i'm already trying to figure out what photos i can possibly use to make a reel and order my own viewfinder!! i totally had one as a kid - so much fun!

  4. what a sweet gift and such a cool site! im so happy for you to finally get a catherineholm. they are yummy. both your quilts are super sweet

  5. Loving the NY Beauty mini! I'll be back for the tutorial!

  6. Love your mini's! I need a few making for my sewing room wall I think!

  7. Your New York Beauty block is the best one I've seen :) Like I said on Instagram - fabric sunshine!!!!

  8. ...a ViewMaster and a reel of George photos? How cool is that!!!!

  9. ooh! I love everything about your week! Love the top mini...and George :)

  10. happy birthday
    George is the cutest bunny

  11. I love the New York block. I;m excited for the tutorial!

  12. a custom viewmaster reel? Too amazing!

  13. love the viewmaster thingy, it looks so fun! and yay for the teapot score. :)

  14. What a cool present! And congrats on your ebay win!

  15. Isn't the viewfinder awesome! I was so excited she got that for you. I am so tempted to get one for Brice. Actually, we have a viewfinder, wonder if the reels would work in it?? I LOVE both of the mini quilts too. It was too hard to choose my favorite quilt. I want them all. I think Darci should just toss our names in a hat and do a random draw for who gets what! I have your birthday gift all packed up in an envelope, but I just need to mail it! Life is too busy these days. :)

  16. The viewfinder is such an awesome gift! I bet it was hard for to pick George faves to fit on the reel! Your minis are lovely!

  17. Great things this week, but the viewfinder reel tops it all!

  18. Wow the New York Beauty mini is so great! I can't wait for that tutorial!
    I'm playing with paper pieced strings in mini form & trying to decide what to do with them after I have the minis made. I've been hanging mine on the wall, do you do anything special with all your great minis?

    expectfaith at yahoo dot com

  19. New York beauty is one of my favorite quilt patterns! I love this variation/color choices.
    I may have to try out your paper piecing tutorial!

  20. I just sent your blog to my sister, she too has a bunny, a gorgeous little holland lop who is two. His name? GEORGE!

    I totally gasped when I saw your George! What are the odds? Two handsome boys name George! Is your George as devious as hers? I swear sometimes he thinks he's a tiny dog...

  21. That viewmaster is so amazing! What a perfect gift! My daughter loves it and is ready to make her own now. Maybe for her next birthday...

  22. It's actually the link for the TUTORIAL for block 6 that isn't working. I don't suppose anyone saved it as a PDF that they could share?

    1. I never wrote a tutorial for block 6, but you can find the pattern for that block here:


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