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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Color Wheel Mini Quilt by jenib320
Color Wheel Mini Quilt, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Where to start? This week was crazy! So much going on at the moment, it's a bit overwhelming! Luckily, all good things, but that doesn't mean it's not still taxing :)

I finally finished up this color wheel mini quilt! I started it the day after I discovered I would be teaching again at Sewing Summit, so back in January.  I used the Golden Wreath Mini Quilt Tutorial from The Purl Bee, with a catch. The traditional color wheel has 12 colors, and the tutorial creates a circle using 16 wedges. I of course didn't think to check until after I made the wedges, so had to alter the pattern. From then on, this project was a disaster! As soon as I started changing it, everything went wrong. But! I powered through, it's done, and now I love it! It's about 20" square!

Modern Crosses Mini Quilts by jenib320
Modern Crosses Mini Quilts, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I had originally planned on making a full size Modern Crosses Quilt (pattern in Modern Log cabin Quilting), but after taking the pattern in a different direction, I settled on two mini quilts.  I wanted to experiment with fabric placement and this was the perfect pattern for the job.  The mini on the left is done according to the pattern, while the mini on the right uses opposite fabric placement. Both use the same fabrics, backing and binding, all of which are vintage sheets.  They finish at 19" square.

Elephant Softie by jenib320
Elephant Softie, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I picked up this Effie & Ollie Elephant pattern by Heather Bailey earlier this week. I finished it up this morning and I am so happy with how it turned out! I used the gray bouquet print from Flea Market Fancy which looks like is still available at Poppy Seed Fabrics!

Bunny Cake by jenib320
Bunny Cake, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
The better part of this weekend was spent at another sewing day with the Iowa girls, Vanessa, Deedee, and Megan.  Every time we hang out, I find myself enjoying our days together more and more. Anna and Faith joined us this time, and the fun only multiplied! These women are incredible; kind, talented, funny, and genuine.  They surprised me yesterday with this sweet bunny cake, bunny cookies and chocolates!  What a way to cap off my birthday! I left feeling more cared for and inspired than I have in a long time. I'm so thankful to have them in my life! :)

New Fabric by jenib320
New Fabric, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Can't have a weekend away without picking up a little fabric! Anna and I hit the jackpot and found yardage of the natural Authentic newspaper print by Sweetwater (we cleaned them out!). Also picked up some fabrics for more clothes last week!

Dachshund Softie by jenib320
Dachshund Softie, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I want a Dachshund really, really, badly! They are so cute! But, since I can't have one now, I settled for one of these sweet softies from Alice Apple! Isn't he adorable!?

George by jenib320
George, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
George! He wore himself out working on his basket, had to rest his head!

Today I love the..
Smell of: New bath salts
Sound of: Harry Potter 4
Taste of: Cookies!
Sight of: Sunshine
Feel of: Being home

Good Things about Today:
- Great light for photos!
- Sewed!
- Mike is home!
- Ready for next week!


  1. Love the blocks! It's great when you can turn a pattern into your own! The elephant is adorable! The cake looks too good to eat.
    As my mother says you can never have too much fabric, great prints!
    The dachshund is adorable!

  2. The color that ever beautiful!!!!

  3. Now I want to make a color wheel!

  4. I want a color wheel like that too. But curves and I are not friendly. It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend.

  5. Wonderfully busy weekend! Adore adore adore the colorwheel mini quilt.

  6. LOVE the color wheel Jeni!! And the elephant turned out awesome. :)

  7. Your mini quilts are soooo pretty!!! TFS
    ~Terry~ :o)

  8. That colorwheel is GORGEOUS! I love it :) And I am totally envious of your girl sewing weekend. It sounds like bunches of fun!

  9. @Anna--Me too. I want to make a color wheel for my sister for Christmas. Yours is the first I have seen without all the colors butting up against each other. The white space between the spokes adds a level of contrast to the effect. Very pretty and brightly cheerful.

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend, and the colour wheel mini is so fabulous! See you at the summit!

  11. Love your colour wheel mini, I think spacing the wedges out really makes it work better :))

  12. Those animal softies are so cute! And I love the color wheel quilt!

  13. Brilliant to add a little color to the binding on your color wheel mini!

  14. yay yay jeni! i always love your posts. george looks so cute! the color wheel is awesome. can't wait to see what you make with the voile!

  15. That color wheel is awesome!! I love rainbow colors! Your posts make me happy. Have a wonderful day!!

  16. That's a bummer that the color wheel took longer than expected, but it did turn out very cute!

  17. Love your color wheel Ms. In Color Order. What would George think if you actually got a dog? Glad you had a great birthday with some fun friends.

  18. a very belated happy birthday. That cake is adorable and good friends are the best

  19. I can't wait to see what you do with the newspaper print!

  20. Your color wheel mini is so beautiful! I'm sorry it gave you trouble, but you really can't tell from the finished mini!

    I'm glad you had a fun birthday, and a wonderful weekend with friends! The George cake is almost as cute as the real thing. ;)

  21. George is so cute! I love bunnies. Your color wheel is wonderful! You did a great job.

  22. Lovely post...I wish I could go to the Sewing Summit. Looking at the Color Wheel, I would never have guessed there were any issues at is fabulous!!!


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