Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mendocino Quilt Top by jenib320
Mendocino Quilt Top, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I got a sudden surge of energy this week and finished up my Mendocino quilt top yesterday! It's exactly how I imagined it in my head, and I could not be more excited to finish it up! I am absolutely sending this one out to be long arm quilted, it's 96"x105"! Lindsay of Eileen Quilts will be working her quilty magic on it! We met at Sewing Summit last year and she's super sweet!

Mendocino Quilt Backing by jenib320
Mendocino Quilt Backing, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Today I sewed up the quilt backing! I wanted to focus on the giant octopi prints as well as use up some of the coordinating prints.  I pulled solids from the octopus prints to help widen it.  I think I need a break from big quilts for a bit! This backing is 106"x123"! A little much to wrestle with! Hehe!

Park Slope by jenib320
Park Slope, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
After I made a Retro Flowers mini quilt last week, I started thinking about a larger quilt.  I know I need to use some of my favorite fabrics to make sure I stick with a whole quilt, so I think I'm finally going to cut into my Park Slope by Erin McMorris! I ordered the custom acrylic templates for the pattern from Tabslot and am armed with a tiny rotary cutter!  Retro Flowers Quilt Pattern by Christina Lane! :)

Happy Mail by jenib320
Happy Mail, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I did a little (Read: a lot!) online fabric shopping last week, and it's slowly been trickling in! I cannot resist good basics, and honestly I do use them a lot! I picked up these goodies at Fat Quarter Shop and Fresh Squeezed Fabrics! :)

From top to bottom: Oval Elements by Pat Bravo, Nursery Basics by Cloud 9, Fly a Kite by October Afternoon, Flea Market Fancy Reprint by Denyse Schmidt.

Pink Butterprint Pyrex by jenib320
Pink Butterprint Pyrex, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I actually found some vintage Pyrex over the weekend! It feels like it's been SO long since I've found anything I want! I actually already have both of these pink butterprint casseroles, but they are in perfect condition and were so, so, cheap. $3 total! They also happen to be one of my very favorite pieces!

George by jenib320
George, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.

In other news, I'm happy to welcome Poppy Seed Fabrics as In Color Order's newest sponsor! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: 70 degree weather!
Sound of: The Beach Boys
Taste of: Shamrock shake
Sight of: Sunshine!
Feel of: Relaxing on the couch

Good Things about Today:
- Lots of sewing today!
- Hung out with the neighbor cats!
- Sunny and warm weather
- Ran some errands
- Mike is home early!


  1. lots of fun (and gorgeous!) happenings! love the glam shot of george, too :)

  2. I think that pattern is going to be amazing in these fabrics! Also I can't wait really until your Mendocino quilt is done. I am so in love with the one I made the colors are just so crazy awesome that I am going to buy some of the fabric (GULP) to make another one :)

  3. Jeni -- I got the templates for the Retro Flowers pattern from Tabslot too! What say we do a QAL? I got a stack of Lizzy House's "Hello Pilgrim" fabrics that are whispering to me . . . .

  4. GRRRR. I want to see the Mendocino top completed.

  5. If I were a slightly more horrible person, and if I lived slightly closer to wherever you are, I would sneak over and seam rip that square of fabric in gold with the plum octopuses/octopii right out of that quilt backing :D (It's the only fabric in that whole line that I never managed to find.)

  6. Love your Pyrex bowls. My grandmother had one of those in blue. Brings back good memories. And George is as adorable as ever!

  7. Can't wait to see your Mendocino quilt finished up!
    My retro flowers template should be in my mailbox by exciting! What size is the blade on your cutter? More importantly, is it small enough to cut the concave piece as well? I am *so* not looking forward to the cutting part on this one!

  8. Jeni, this looks awesome. May I ask what camera you use to take your photos? They look amazing and I really need to invest in a decent camera at some point.

  9. Yaay! For finishing up your Mendocino quilt, isn't that always a good day :))
    If you have any of that energy surge leftover please feel free to send it to me!

  10. I hear a lot about this Shamrock Shake. I might have to try one! I love your quilt fabric, very pretty (so is the bunny).

  11. Wow Jeni even the back is stunning!! That's a giant quilt! Look forward to seeing it in all it's glory.
    Great fabrics, the retro flower quilt is on my list but I have lots to do before I get to it!
    Yeah for cheap and gorgeous pyrex!!

  12. I absolutely love that quilt backing!

  13. That might be one of my favorite George pics ever. I love that little eye!

    Yay for the Mendocino quilt!! I cannot wait to see it.

    Retro Flowers will be lovely to work in your faves!

  14. LOVE the vintage Pyrex! My mom gave me a set of 3 with lids in that SAME pattern, but ::get this:: in ***AQUA and WHITE*** that she got as a wedding present! Love love love that set and I'll never get rid of it! I use them all the time :)

  15. Love the mendocino top! I bought loads of that back in the day, and never did anything with it :-( You're inspiring me!

  16. i LOVE your mendocino quilt - even the back is amazing!!
    can you tell me the solids you used?

  17. I love your new quilt! I like quilts like that with large shapes to show off the prints. You have great taste in fabric, I am always admiring your designs :)
    I have a new blog.

  18. Absolutely love the new quilt. And I know what you mean about wrestling with the bigger ones. It seems that is all I am doing.


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