HST Block of the Month: Your Quilts!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Thursday! There have been so many finished quilts and quilt tops from our Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month popping up in the In Color Order Flickr Group! It makes me so excited to see them! I love everyone's take on the blocks! I wanted to share them here with you all. If you click on the photo it will take you over to Flickr. Make sure to check out the quilter's Flickr account by clicking their name too!

You can find all of the block tutorials and information on the BOM page here, which can be found through the Tutorials tab now! There is also a PDF Pattern available if you'd like everything in one place! :)

etchings quilt in the snow - pattern from in color order's half square triangle block of the month

Modern Christmas HST


Completed In Color Order HST BOM quilt
Toohey Sews

HST quilt Along
Sew It Pretty

busy, busy!
SarahZ 85

HST In Color Order Quilt top


ICO BoM 20120004

HST BOM Quilt top
Celtic Thistle


If for any reason you do not want your quilt featured here, please email me and I'll remove it, no worries!

Thank you for quilting along with me!


  1. Wow, it's a toss up for me which color theme I like better, Jeni's striking contemporary combo, or the subtle loveliness of mybricole's Etchings selection. I want them both! Guess I need to get started on my own!

  2. They look so good. I really like the winter toned quilt in the neutral colours. This is really unusual for me coz I always get drawn to colour. I'm off to print out the pdf now, I may get to make it one day!

  3. These are all awesome! I LOVE how everyone's interpretation of the blocks is so different. My own is ready to go to the longarm quilter- I can't wait to have it back and finished!!

  4. I so enjoyed making this BOM every month, and have been especially happy with the comraderie that has gone along with it! I am definitely "in" if you do another BOM!!!!
    (too exciting to have my quilt top in this post...eeee!)Again, THANK YOU JENI!

  5. Still working on mine ~ have to say all the quilts are so lovely ~ especially like the one from Little Mushroom Cap ~ it looks like stained glass!

  6. I love mybriole's neutral quilt! We get so busy being modern and embracing color, I think it never occurs to us to tone it down sometimes. At least, it never occurs to me! :) But that's a very lovely effect.

  7. Isn't it crazy how a change of colors completely changes the quilt?!

  8. There are some beautiful quilts up there!

  9. Love seeing all the different quilts that have been created. Congrats to everyone involved :)

  10. Everyone's quilts are so lovely. I didn't participate, but have been following along. Just talked to hubby and this is the quilt we're going to do for our anniversary quilt. We bought the fabric back in October (when we had our 15th anniversary) and have finally settled on the design. Now I can go get cutting and we can get it sewn up. (He quilts too, sometimes, which I love.)

  11. WOW!!!... How exciting to see my quilt shown on here!.
    This was my first attempt at quilting so to have it on your blog is such a treat. Thank You


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