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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Geometric Bliss Pillows
Happy Tuesday! This week in our lead up to the release of Geometric Bliss (shipping in September), I'm going to share the home decor projects I have made with the collection!

As you can see, I made a lot of pillows! Pillows are such a great way to show off the prints, and I think the prints in this collection lend themselves well to pillows! I especially love the tulip print in pillow form!

Geometric Bliss Pillows
My Mom helped me make a bunch of simple envelope style pillows for my Quilt Market booth last Spring. They're easy to make, don't take much fabric and make a statement. I used a bunch of coordinating blenders for the backs.

Geometric Bliss Pillows
Geometric Bliss Pillows
Don't they look pretty? Pillow covers are such a simple project, but a great way to change out the look of a room!

Geometric Bliss Mystery Pillow
One of the first projects I made with the Geometric Bliss strikeoffs was a pillow using my Mystery Quilted Pillow Pattern. I love how fun this one is, and how different it looks from the Nordika and blender versions of this pillow. These prints play well together, even all chopped up!

Geometric Bliss Mystery Pillow
I quilted this pillow using the coral thread from my Favorite Things Aurifil thread collection. I went with simple shadow quilting on the diagonal seams.

Geometric Bliss Mystery Pillow
I finished this pillow with a zippered closure! I like to close quilted pillows this way.

Geometric Bliss Half-Hexagon Bunting
Geometric Bliss Half-Hexagon Bunting
It's no secret I love to make bunting, and so I had to whip some up with this collection. This time I decided to make half-hexagon bunting! The connecting thread through the projects in my booth this time was geometric shapes (surprise, surprise!). This was a fun twist on traditional triangle bunting. You can find a tutorial to make it here.

Geometric Bliss Folding Chair Geometric Bliss Folding Chair
This quick project turned out better than I expected it to! We had a lone gray folding chair here, and I was brainstorming ideas to keep costs down. Oh a whim I decided to recover the seat of the chair with some patchwork from my chain piecing tutorial. The seat cushion was easily unscrewed from the chair and I attached the patchwork with a staple gun.  I interfaced the patchwork to reinforce it. I love how it turned out!

Geometric Bliss Bunny Softie
This bun and bear aren't really home decor projects, but they don't fit into any of the other categories! We used this tutorial for the bunny, and an old McCall's pattern for the tiny bear I think! Softie making is neither my Mom nor my forte, but between the two of us, we managed! Thankfully it turned out super cute! We figured the bunny needed it's own softie, so that's where the bear comes in. It's so tiny! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Next week, I'll share the garments and accessories!

If you're a shop interested in carrying Geometric Bliss, it can be ordered through Art Gallery Fabrics.  Find your sales rep here, call toll-free (888) 420-5399, or visit


Unknown said...

I really love it. Love the colors and patterns used in pillows. :-)

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pillows! Your fabrics work really well for that.

Anonymous said...

All of these are gorgeous! I am glad you included where to get the fabric from! I am on it now!!

Karen said...

I can't wait to get my hands on Geometric Bliss!

Christine S said...

Your pillows and fabrics are always so pretty!