Caravan Tote + Pouch

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm glad to finally share this project with you today! I had such fun stitching up Anna's Caravan Tote and Pouch Pattern this past winter. I actually finished it around the first week of March, but have had a hard time finding a chance to post it. It took me forever to get photos of it, and then the ones I took I didn't like. So I took these new ones last month. Phew!

This is a lovely, functional pattern with lots of fun details. No surprise here! I had fun choosing fabrics for this tote. I love this retro plaid from the Maker collection by Art Gallery In-House. I pulled a few coordinating prints for the linings, pockets, and accent on the handles.

The pattern calls for leather handles or fabric ones. I am very fond of the durability of cotton webbing however, so I dressed a bit of it up with fabric for this tote.

The tote has a cute front pocket detail with snaps. I bought my snaps from (I already had their setting kit, it's awesome!), and the metal zipper from Zipit.

The tote includes a slip pocket and this fun accent detail around the pocket. Perfect for adding another fabric into the mix! The magnetic snap keeps things nice and tidy. I've been using my tote to carry my current knitting project, a Stitch Block Cowl. It's the perfect size for the growing cowl and multiple skeins of yarn. Plus it's easy to throw the tote over my shoulder and take in the car, or outside.

The pattern also includes a matching pouch, so of course I had to make that too! It's such a cute size. It'll be perfect to hold a small project like a hat, or some hand stitching.

I used a bit more of the type print from Maker for the interior. I quite like it, and it makes a great lining. This size would make a sweet gift, paired with just about anything!

I feel like I've been quite brief describing this project, but I'm simply happy to finally be sharing it! This was one of the first for fun sewing projects that I tackled after the bulk of the sewing was done for the book. It was a relief to make something for the heck of it, with no deadlines or anything. It was an enjoyable exercise and result!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Super cute! I have this tote on my to-do list and love yours with the bold pattern. :)

  2. Cute bag! I love the fabric you've used!

  3. Are those size 24 snaps? And what color are they?
    Also, what kid of fabric is used in the off-white flaps?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Yes, they are 24 Antique Brass ones. I used linen for the pockets/flaps.

  4. so beautiful Jeni! I'm so glad you had fun making it!!!! :)


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