Monday, July 13, 2015

Sweet Finds colorway of Curiosities.

I can't believe Summer is already almost halfway over. Thankfully it hasn't been too miserably hot or humid for long this year. We seem to get a couple days of it and then get a little break. It's been especially pleasant at night, which is a good change from the last few years. I'm glad that we really haven't had to run our A/C too much, and I've actually been able to sew some in the back this year. I haven't been getting to a ton of sewing. I thought I was planning my summer out to include quite a bit of free time, but alas, not so much. It has been a bit more easy going, but not quite as relaxing as I was trying for. I'm hoping to tackle some more personal projects in the second half.

Tiny Wide Open Pouch
Micro open-wide pouch, made with a 3" zipper and sized down proportionately.

My patterns were picked up by another wholesale distributor last month (Checker), so that's been keeping me busy. Restocking my inventory, lots of folding stuffing and plastic bag closing. I can only store so much here in our little apartment, so it's a constant shuffle and reorder process over here. I ended up sacrificing about 1/3 of my clothes closet to make room for my Curiosities rolls! I need to take a big pile of things to donate pretty soon. I'm still mulling over having a sample sale, we'll see if I actually do it! I may revive my Etsy shop for it.

Stitch Block Cowl Progress
Making steady progress on my Stitch Block Cowl.

I'm looking forward to a sewing weekend with friends at the end of the month, it will be really nice to get away for a couple days! We've got lots of dyeing, sewing, and eating planned, so it should be fun! I haven't thought too much yet about what I want to work on. I have the hardest time deciding. I'm much more likely to just sit and talk rather than work. I never seem to get much done at retreats! That's okay though, I don't mind.

Olive Cathrineholm Platter
Added a second Cathrineholm platter to my collection!

Michael and I went on an antiquing adventure the other day, it was really fun. We picked up an old TLR camera that didn't work (which we didn't realize at the time, whoops.). We ended up taking the entire thing apart to try to figure out the issue. Turns out it wasn't working because of wear, not any particular thing out of place. It was cool figuring out how exactly it worked and tinkering around with the settings. We're hoping to pick up a working or perhaps more easily fixable one soon!

Black Raspberries
Wild black raspberries. One of my absolute favorite foods.

I love all the fruits we can get this time of year. We just got a Sur La Table here in Madison, and we didn't hesitate to sign up for a class. I had taken classes at one in Ohio when I was a kid and knew they had some cool offerings. We took a Spectacular Summer Pies class on the 4th of July, which was great! We made all butter crust for hand pies, a crostata, and a custard pie. They were delicious and it was fun to make a mess in someone elses' kitchen. I also tried baking angel food cake for the first time, and it was a grand success! I used my friend Deedrie's recipe and tips.

Milkweed, good for Monarchs!

We've been trying to get outside more and go on walks. It's been fun exploring the neighbor hood and enjoying the nature preserve here. Michael has started been getting back into film photography, so we've been going out taking pictures too. All thanks to the bursts of mild weather.

Isn't he just the cutest?

George bunny is finally done with his big shedding, now he is extra super soft. He has been getting to run around a lot. We got a new rug in the kitchen that covers more of the floor, so now he can easily get over to it without touching the linoleum. He bolts over to the kitchen when we go there, always thinking he needs a treat. He usually gets something because we can't resist him.

Have a great week!


  1. I was linking to your drawstring bag tutorial and feel like I haven't stopped by here in ages so it was perfect for you to do this catch up! Fabulous photos as always and I hope you find some time for your own sewing :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos, Jeni: a real taste of summer. Hope to have a go at the open-wide pouch soon, though probably not starting with the tiny one!.

  3. Yes, George IS the cutest :) it looks and sounds like a wonderful summer for you and Michael! I just love all your photos and newsy news :)

  4. I hope you have a sample sale! Have a great summer :)


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