Lined Drawstring Bag Swap

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Thursday! Every time I see a new swap pop up on Instagram (which is quite often these days!), I think how fun it would be to have a Lined Drawstring Bag Swap! So, the time is here!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who signed up for the swap! We are now full! If you didn’t make it in this time around, my apologies. Since I’ve never run a swap before I wanted to keep it small so that I can get my feet wet, and host an enjoyable swap. If there is interest for another round when this one wraps up, we’ll chat round 2. Thanks for understanding! Happy Making!

If you'd like to be notified about sign-ups for a possible round 2, please fill out this form. Thanks!

Geometric Bliss Lined Drawstring Bags  
The Details:
- This is an Instagram swap, so you need an Instagram account to participate.

- Due date to send your package by is August 15th. Please evaluate whether or not you have enough time to complete your bag before signing up.

- This is a secret swap! Partners will be assigned randomly. Feel free to share peeks and even a full shot of your bag, but don't reveal your partner!

- Let's have fun! Please give your partner plenty of information about what you like, but be open to receiving something that you may not make for yourself!

- The swap will be limited to 100 participants to keep the administrative side manageable. (Thanks for understanding!)

- Use the hashtag #drawstringbagswap to share your progress and see what others are making. Don't forget to post a photo of your bag when you receive it, and thank your partner.

- If for any reason throughout the swap you realize you will be unable to finish the swap or meet the deadline, please email me (Jeni, as soon as you can. Things happen, just let me know your plans.

Diagonal Stripes Drawstring Bag
What to include in your package:
- A Lined Drawstring Bag, made using the tutorial or pattern. Everything size or larger!

- Goodies to stick inside. A few ideas: fat quarters, notions, matching pincushion or pouch, candy, etc. Let's keep the goodies to under $15.

- A note with your name and Instagram username!

Ready to swap? Sign up using this google form!

Patchwork Drawstring Bag How To
Below you'll find lots of ideas and tutorials to make a unique bag for your partner!

- Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial (Everything size)
- Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern (8 sizes + custom sizing option)
- Add-on Exterior Pocket Tutorial
- Add-on Interior Zipper Pocket Tutorial
- Patchwork Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- Striped Drawstring Bag Tutorial (three ways!)
- Knit Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- How to Put a Gusset in a Bag Video


  1. Fun idea! I did one of those once and it was great. I don't have an IG account so this one's not for me. :D

  2. Is this an international swap? Or US only? x

    1. It is International! It filled up really quick I'm afraid!

  3. Is there any way you can do a waiting list for a second possible swap?? I would love do to this swap. I guess I was a little too late in signing up since you are full.

    1. Hi Heather! I've set up a second form for those that would like to notified about a round 2! It can be found here:

    2. Hi Jeni. Thanks so much for adding this form. I didn't see your response right away so I hope my form has been received and I'd be in if there is a second swap!! It would be so fun. Thanks!

  4. Please keep me in mind if you need an angel. Good luck!!

  5. Hooooray. I made it and signed up successfully. Can't wait to get a partner and start sewing. Thanks Jeni for hosting this swap; my first one.

  6. If you need an angel, please let me know! Happy to fill in!

  7. If someone drops out let ME know 😉


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