Glamp Stitchalot Mystery Medallion Quilt

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday! Today I am happy to be sharing a finished quilt with you! This is one of the bigger quilts I've made in a while. In November of last year, I taught at the inaugural Glamp Stitchalot retreat! There were five other teachers (Violet Craft, Sarah Fielke, Katy Jones, Alison Glass and Tula Pink) and we all worked together to design a mystery medallion quilt, which students worked on throughout the weekend! I've finally finished up my sample of the mystery quilt!

Unfortunately, the pattern was exclusive to the event.

A look back at my initial fabric pull for this quilt, all from my stash! I ended up adding quite a bit to this pile, especially the black and white fabrics! I love these warm colors, especially with the addition of eggplant purple.

Ta da! The full finished quilt! I am so so pleased with how this ended up turning out. To be honest, I started this quilt not too long before teaching at the retreat, and it took quite a few very long sewing days to get it done in time. I'm glad that I did, but even happier that it's finished and I can now enjoy it!

Each teacher was responsible for designing a center block and a border. I used my own center block and then did a border from each teacher, with my own border to finish it off! Surprise, surprise, mine uses half-square triangles! :)

I took a bit of liberty with a couple of the borders. On Sarah's applique border, I used elements from her center block for my cornerstones in that border. I also shrunk the leaves a bit for the vines so that I could fit a few more.

For Katy's border, I was starting to really run short on time, so I simplified it by using some giant hexagons. I even got lazy and used my iron to press the fabric around the paper template, to avoid having to baste them! I did end up needing to cut a hexagon out of white solid to insert inside the hexagon shape so that the background fabric wouldn't show through. I didn't think ahead enough, it would have been a better choice to have the white be the background in that border!

I knew I wanted to finish it off with a strong binding. In the quilt top, I used black and white fabrics that were predominately white. For the binding, I used a print with a black background and white accents from my Geometric Bliss collection.

A quilt that I put this much work into deserved an extra special quilting treatment. I sent it off to my friend Christina Lane for her to work her magic on! She really knocked it out of the park, she knows just what I like :)

She even drew up some George bunnies and quilted them into the final border!! I totally freaked out when I saw them, it's such a super sweet touch. The quilting absolutely makes this quilt, I love it!

For more information on Christina's longarm quilting services, visit her website here. Don't forget to check out her pattern shop as well!

One more shot of those adorable smooching bunnies!

And one last shot of the full quilt! This quilt was too big and heavy for my typical duct tape/brick wall setup. They're storing two sets of short bleachers on a basketball court near our apartment, it was the perfect place to take these photos!

Happy Quilting!


  1. A big finish indeed! It's beautiful!

  2. Fabulous colors, beautiful quilt.

  3. I love everything about this beautiful quilt!

  4. Great job Jeni! I need to get working on mine! :)


  6. It's beautiful. I'm going to Glamp Stitchalot in June. Very excited!

  7. Love the colors. It turned out gorgeous!

  8. Wonderful!! Just wonderful..this is what quilting ia all about..!!

  9. Wow what a quilt. Love the colors and the quilting.

  10. Love the look of this quilt!

  11. Quite lovely, so nice to see this done! Mine is still in progress, I've been procrastinating on starting the paper pieced border because I want to do it in one block of time, 3-4 weeks.


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