Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter from George Bunny, Jeni and Michael! Here is George's official Easter 2016 photo! And of course there were a few outtakes too... :)

Sort of sleepy!

Hmm, what's going on?

Are their treats on Peep island?


Seriously, where are the treats?

You're facing the wrong way, George!

Those Peeps won't bite!

I'll sit right here.

Wait, I smell treats!

False alarm.

Okay, I guess these Peeps are nice!

Are we done yet?

George was well compensated for his cooperation with a fresh baby carrot.

Happy Easter! 


  1. what an adorable George ... Happy Easter Jeni

  2. He is adorable. I'm sure he is the star today. Happy Easter!

  3. George is still the cutest bunny in those photos! Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. George and his peeps!! =O

    Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter to y'all too! I love all the George and his Peeps pics!! Too darn cute!!!

  6. Dear Jeni, and Michael too, these pictures are adorable.. Just the cutest ever. I hope you had a very very nice Easter Sunday.
    George is so much more handsome than those Peeps hahaha
    What a sweet fella.
    My Cornish Rex kitties (a breed much like a bunny,.. right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornish_Rex)
    also love Easter, but they do not like a whole carrot.
    I adore all of these photos. They are just wonderful.

  7. What a cute post. Hope you had a wonderful Easter !!!

  8. George is just the cutest Easter Bunny ever.


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