Sandra Saddle Bag + Double Zip Wallet

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to share a pair of projects that I made before our trip to Disney World this Fall. I was trying not to stress myself out too much before our wedding, but I wanted to make something new to take on our trip.

I was in the mood to try a pattern I hadn't made before. I knew that I wanted something that I could wear cross body, and that was small but roomy. I decided that a saddle style bag would be the best option. I searched Pinterest and ended up discovering Swoon Patterns, and their Sandra Saddle Bag Pattern. Functionally, it seemed like the perfect choice, plus it had a vintage look to it. Total bonus!

It was a great excuse to use this Japanese print from my stash. I paired it with some gray chambray. The pattern has a lot of great details and the instructions were easy to follow. I purchased a kit for the hardware, there is a list of shops carrying the kits here.

The surprise is in the little zippered pocket, some George fabric! I wanted to be able to take George with us in a small way. The purse ended up being a great size for the trip, just big enough to tote things around, but not too bulky.

My regular wallet is a bit too big for when I travel, so I decided I would also make a wallet to go with the bag. I quickly settled on the Double Zip Wallet from Handmade Style by Anna Graham.

Since the purse I made was pretty neutral and low-key, I decided to use a pop of color for the wallet. I chose the green ripple canvas print from Anna's Rainwalk fabric collection. I paired the print with some plain cotton linen and a striped denim.

I love the sophistication that the hardware adds. I used antiqued brass snaps and metal zippers for my wallet. It's a great size, and has worked great for a number of trips! I like that I can keep change in the zippered parts, many wallet patterns don't have a place to put change. I recently used one side to hold receipts!

Zippers from Zipit, snaps from Snapsource.

These types of projects are some of my favorites. Being able to make something to fill a specific need never gets old!

Happy Sewing!


  1. These look great. I may just have to try one or both. I hate carrying a huge bag and this looks like a good solution. Thanks!

  2. These are both great! Don't you love pairing a designer's fabric with one of their patterns ;) It always adds a bit of fun to the project, I think :) (and, of course, I know you and Anna are friends to boot :)

  3. Oh, I love swoon patterns! I've made several and they always turn out great.

  4. I just love your blog! These bags are both wonderful and I especially love the wallet and your great color choice!

  5. Both the bag and the wallet are gorgeous!

  6. I would love to make both items!!!

  7. Love these both so much Jeni! They look amazing. I'm extra glad you like the wallet, too. :)


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