Plenty of (Scrappy) Pincushions

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy Thursday! Today I want to share two new pincushions I made recently.

My friend Amanda Jean embarked on a pincushion challenge this past Summer, making at least one each day for a month! She had so many fun designs, she compiled two patterns, each with five pincushion designs: Plenty of Pincushions Volume 1 + Plenty of Pincushions Volume 2. When I sat down to make a few from my scraps, I chose a pincushion from each volume.

I've loved and collected pincushions for many years. They're one of my favorite things to make and they're fun to receive as gifts too. There are just so many things to love about them. Pincushions are a great way to use up scraps, try a new block, or use up leftover blocks/units from other projects. Since they are small, they aren't usually a huge time commitment which is nice when you're in the mood for an instant gratification project. Plus, they're cute!

This is part of my pincushion collection. I probably have enough that aren't in this photo to fill another shelf (my Dad helped me make this one a few years ago). It's right above my machine, so I look at it a lot, and it makes me happy. Now, back to those two new pincushions!

Looking for pincushion tutorials? I have a few in the archives: Hexagon Ring Pincushion Tutorial, Triangular Log Cabin Pincushion Tutorial, and Half-Square Triangle Pincushion Tutorial.

From Plenty of Pincushions Volume 1, I decided to make the pineapple pincushion. I love pineapple blocks, and this tiny version is just too cute. Bonus, it's paper pieced! I started with the little frog center piece, and went with a purple theme (shocking, I know). This one is definitely my favorite of the two because these are my very favorite shades of purple, and consequently some favorite fabrics too.

From Plenty of Pincushions Volume 2, I decided to make the log cabin pincushion. I'm on a bit of a log cabin kick lately, and I had lots of strip scraps so it seemed like a good fit. This block is also paper pieced, which is nice and easy for working with those little pieces. These scraps came from my last two monochromatic quilts: All Blue Woven Quilt + Heart Crossed Quilt. There is also a little pop of citron green on the back.

Both pincushions have quilting on the front, and are filled with crushed walnuts shells.


  1. So cute!! Time for making pincushions!!
    I love them too!!

  2. Love the book case display, especially the dachshund!

  3. OK, I'm finally convinced, after seeing the darling pincushions in your collection, I need to make one - or two or three! Not that I need another collection-I have too many already. I had convinced myself making a pincushion was silly since I still had a very serviceable one I have had since 7th grade Home Ec. way back in the 1950s! Yes, I still have my classic bright tomato pincushion! I kind of planned on having it for life! Strange that I can always come up with reasons to make yet another runner or set of placemats, but never my own pincushion. That will change simply because they are so cute and enjoyable to look at. Love your blogs, other modern blogs, and especially modern quilting even though I am not too "modern" myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. They are both so cute, I can't pick a favorite!

  5. Very cute pin cushions. I love them!!♥️


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