December Monthly Report

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy January! It's time for December's monthly report. See past reports here.

Figured it was about time to photograph my vintage pyrex display. Now there is just one more shelf to photograph!

I finished quite a few projects this month, most of which were gifts. I'll be sharing those soon! The day before we left to travel for the holidays, I squeezed in one last quilt finish. A alternative option for the Vast quilt from my book. It was really satisfying to get this one done!

I seem to forget how many drawstring bags I end up making before the holidays. I made quite a few gift bags this year, but also cut into this bunny fabric for a new knitting bag. It's from Noel by Cotton & Steel. I think it goes pretty well with my snowflake fabric from Curiosities.

Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial + Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern

I treated myself to a Disney Tsum Tsum mini plush advent calendar this year. I opened each day's plush on Instagram stories, which are all highlighted in my profile (@jenib320) if you're interested. It was SO fun. I decided to make a small tree shelf to display them in, and despite it's imperfections, it worked out perfectly! I used this tutorial, but only made the top three levels and used boards that were a little narrower.

My one and only knitting finish for 2018 came in right under the wire, I finished it yesterday! This is the Swift pattern by Shannon Cook. I made one years ago (see it here), and it's my most worn hat. I think my tension has loosened over time though, because this one turned out too big. Still wearable though! See on Ravelry.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in December:

December Fabric
Used up: 23 yards
Brought in: 8 yards
Net: -15 yards
Year to date: -44.5 yards

December Yarn
Used up: 186 yards
Brought in: 828 yards
Net: 642 yards
Year to date: +860 yards

Fabric wise I did okay this month. Most of the yardage I brought in was a 6 yard backing cut. It was a favorite Erin McMorris print from Noe, so I don't feel too bad about it. I finished a bunch, so that helped balance it out! Had some yarn activity this month. I finished my Swift hat, but I also stashed some yarn. It was with a gift certificate, so that shouldn't really count, right? :)

Had some good luck thrifting this month! Found a really cool huge glass bottle, some Christmas ornaments, and this adorable vintage sewing machine. It still has the price tag on it, it was originally purchased at FAO Schwarz for $12.99. So fun!

Really found some vintage sheet gems this month too. These were all found back in Cleveland while we were home over the holidays. I've had the purple one before, but I sold almost all of it in my sheet shop, so I was really glad to find another!

My sweet puffy George bunny. He is happy to be back home after traveling, he was a real trooper in the car. He's being constantly spoiled, as usual!

Have a Great Month!


  1. The Pyrex shelf is gorgeous! Just wondering what you put inside a pile of stacked bowls to accentuate the height and so that the bowls don't rub up against one another?

    1. Thanks! I use small round plastic take out containers! Like the ones you'd get at the deli counter!

  2. Ooooh George McFluffpants is so adorable. I am sure he makes you happy every day.
    I have two cornish rex kitties and they greet me when I finally make it back home after spreading myself thin all over town haha
    You are so lucky to snag those wonderful sheets. They are beautiful!
    The sewing machine is a massive treasure! Just wowie

    1. He really does! What would we do without our fuzzy companions? :) It was a good month for lucky thrift finds!

  3. We had a miniature rabbit at one stage called B-Buns. Your pic of George looks exactly like him. It's a nice memory.


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