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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy Wednesday! It's time to share all the gift sewing that I did last month. I didn't make tons of gifts this year, but I always like to make a few. Now that they've been gifted, I can share them with you here!

Today I'm sharing two Sew Together Bags that I made for Michael's parents. I originally intended to give these last Christmas, but packing up our apartment took over and then didn't get sewn up. I had cut everything out and interfaced all the pieces though, so it made them come together quick this year!

Sew Together Bag Pattern by Sew Demented

First up, a paper themed bag for Michael's Mom! She's a first grade teacher, so I knew I wanted to take inspiration from that for her bag. I've had this handwriting fabric stashed for years (I'm not sure who it was made by, it was thrifted.), and it seemed like the perfect focal fabric.

From there I pulled another paper-inspired fabric, this lined paper print from Jot (and Literary) by Heather Givans, for the side panels.

For the inside, I used this tiny vintage pin dot that has been in my stash for many years. It reminds me of the inside of a security envelope! This was really a stash dive project, because I used an old graph paper print for the pocket linings.

After diving back into free-motion quilting with my quilted tree skirt, I decided to do the same with the exterior panel. Doodle quilting felt extra appropriate on paper fabric! I love how the little red dot for the bindings really pulls it all together and gives it a special pop!

All the zippers are gray YKK from Zipit, my favorite source for zippers.

Up next, a bag for Michael's Dad. For this bag, I decided to go with a denim theme. I used a variety of chambray and denim fabrics, all by Robert Kaufman.

I have been collecting these fabrics for a few years, but haven't used up much of it. It was fun to cut into these fabrics, and they worked great for a bag!

It's hard to see in the photos, but the pocket linings and the bindings are a speckled chambray, with little pops of primary colors. It's subtle, but fun!

Zippers are YKK in slate gray and white from Zipit.

For the exterior panel on this bag, I decided not to quilt it. The denim I used was pretty thick on it's own, so I just reinforced it with fusible fleece and called it a day! It's still nice and soft, but a little more clean looking.

I've now made ten of these bags! Find the other ones I've made here:
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You can find the pattern to make these bags here: Sew Together Bag Pattern by Sew Demented

Happy Sewing!


  1. Your bags are so cute. Would love to make this bag but zippers scare me away. Lol!

  2. If I would use this Patten to teach a class where would each student buy a pattern?

    1. It's not my pattern, so I'm not sure. I'd recommend getting in contact with the pattern designer, here is her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sewdemented/

  3. I have made a lot of sew together bags for women but never men. What are some suggestions that men could use them for? Darling fabrics!

    1. I know my Father in law is planning to use his for his collection of pens!

  4. These bags are so wonderful. I love the one you made for Michael's Dad. Very organized for a man that has pens. My dad would like this too.
    I am sure Michaels mom loved her bag and took it to class and all of those adorable 1st graders were impressed with the design
    Happy New Year Jeni, to you and Michael and George Bunny too of course


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