2018 in Review

Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy Friday! It's time to say goodbye to 2018 with my annual yearly review. This is actually the ninth year in a row I've been posting these wrap-ups! See them all here. Without further ado:

In 2018, I finished...

5 throw quilts.

4 pillows, 4 pin banners, 4 heat packs, a chair slipcover and a set of coasters.

8 thread bins, a sewing tool organizer, a pincushion, a sewing machine cover, and a scissor cozy.

17 lined drawstring bags, 4 tote bags, 3 sew together bags, a quilted pouch, and a checkbook cover.

4 sweatshirts, a tank, and a pair of shorts for Michael.

2 mouse softies and 2 mouse sleeping bags.

3 stockings and 1 tree skirt.

2018 Fabric Stash:
Brought in: 102 yards
Sewed up/destashed: 183.75 yards
Net: -81.75 yards 

For info on how I track my yardage, see this post.

In 2018, I knit...

1 hat.

2018 Yarn Stash:
Brought in: 1046 yards
Knit up/destashed: 186 yards
Net: 860 yards

I released a new pattern this year, the Workshop Tote Pattern (more about it here).

I shared 11 free tutorials this year, find them all here:

DIY: Sewing Room Scrap Rug

Fenced In Throw Quilt Free Pattern (Photo by Holly DeGroot.)

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8 Top Stitching Tips + Tricks

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And now, a look back at my 2018 crafty goals to see how I did:

- Sew/knit with more yardage than I buy.
I'm going to give myself an A- for this goal! I wasn't quite as prolific this year, but I still ended up using more fabric than I brought in. And I brought in a whopping 70.5 yards of fabric LESS than last year, which is great too! I wasn't in the negative for yarn, but I feel okay about it. I didn't feel super inspired the knit last year, but that itch is back!

- Reduce my works in progress (WIPs), and end the year with fewer than I started with. I currently have 33 sewing & quilting WIPs.
To be honest, I did not continue to keep track of my WIPs by number, but I did make an effort to work on older projects. I finished my oldest WIP, my Wonderland Log Cabin Quilt, as well as my next oldest quilt in progress. This is a continuing effort for sure!

- Finish or destash remaining quilt tops/blocks from my book.
I made progress on this goal, but didn't complete it. I finished one quilt top from the book, and got another top basted. Getting closer!

- Make another quilt from non-quilting cotton fabric. (chambray, lawn, etc)
I made a lawn quilt and a flannel quilt this year!

- Make a quilt from my vintage sheet stash.
The first quilt I finished this year was a vintage sheet quilt! My vintage sheet four-patch quilt.

- Start a hand-work project. (EPP, applique, or hand quilt something)
I started hand quilting a double gauze Arithmetic quilt!

- Finish my Dreamin' Vintage double wedding ring quilt. This is the year!
I made zero progress on this, unfortunately.

- Finish my Fantastic Quilt Voyage. 
Another one that didn't get touched this year!

- Sew a Kelly Anorak Jacket.
I have all the fabric and hardware, but did not start it. 

- Finish a shawl WIP (Briochealicious, Daybreak, Sundial or Hitchhiker).
No such luck here either, didn't finish any shawls.

- Start knitting another pair of colorwork mittens.
I started a pair of mittens in December!

- Knit a softie or ornament(s)
Hopefully next year!

Considering how much time I spent working on our house this year, inside and outside, I feel really good about what I was able to accomplish. I would not describe 2018 as a smooth year for us, and it took a lot of emotional and physical energy to get through the year. I am hopeful that in 2019 I spend more time on creative pursuits! I'll be back next week to share my goals for this year.

 Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!


  1. So much prettiness in this post! Where did you get the fabric that looks like a measuring tape in the top photo?? Or is it literally a fabric measuring tape??

    1. It's twill tape printed to look like a measuring tape! I bought it from this shop on etsy, but it doesn't look like they have any of it at the moment: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleRedCottage

    2. The ETSY shop, Cottage Crafts Online, carries the measuring tape twill in black, yellow and white. I love your blog Jeni. Your projects always make me smile. Beautiful and in lovely colors. And your photography is terrific and inspiring. Happy new year.

  2. I enjoyed catching up with all you achieved last year! Wishing you a joyous 2019! xx


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