Bluebird Sew Together Bag

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Happy Thursday! Today I have a new sew together bag to share!

This is my 11th bag made from the Sew Together Bag Pattern by Sew Demented. I think I'm finally ready for a bit of a break after this one! These bags are really fun to make and give. I made this bag for my Aunt Karen, for her birthday!

Here are all the sew together bags I've made:
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The color palette for this bag was centered around the tulip print from Bluebird by Cotton and Steel. The whole line was blue and cream with pops of red. I knew I wanted to add pops of red for that reason.

I pulled prints from all fabric different lines. I used two different grid prints from Carolyn Friedlander and two other mystery prints from my stash.

All the zippers are YKK from Zipit.

You can find the pattern to make these bags here: Sew Together Bag Pattern by Sew Demented

Happy Sewing!


  1. That tulip print is the cutest!! What a fun gift for your aunt!

  2. LOve this. I am thinking about making one.

  3. Hi Jeni! Cute, cute, CUTE bag. I just adore that fabric - is it tulips? I'll bet your Aunt Karen just loves it, and is so glad you thought of her. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh Jeni, this bag is very useful and so pretty.
    This is a very precious gift

  5. You've made ELEVEN of these?! But i can see why -- super cute, and I love all of the compartments for organizing and the way the bag expands when it's open for full access to all of its contents. Very pretty and thoughtful gift!

  6. You chose a stunning set of fabrics!The binding fabric on the bias is a beautiful accent.

  7. Jeni, these are not simple bags ( I made one). Eleven is huge! How long does it take you to finish one?

    1. Honestly, I have no idea! I usually break it up and do the cutting/interfacing in one session and the sewing in another. Plus I keep making multiple at a time so it's hard to gauge! :)


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