December Monthly Report

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy January! It's time for December's monthly report. See past reports here.

Took a couple photos of my Giant Vintage Star Quilt in my sewing room recently, it's such a happy quilt. Find the pattern here.

I spent most of the month prepping for the holidays, including make a number of handmade gifts! I'll share the rest soon, but for now here is a pillow that I made for my Dad. This churn dash pillow matches a quilt I made him a few years back: Deer Sparkling Cider Quilt. It also matches a star pillow I made for him earlier in this year, so now he has a pair to go with the quilt.

It seemed fitting that the last project I made in 2019 was a pair of matching lined drawstring bags. This is the project size from the lined drawstring bag pattern, my personal favorite. These were for Michael and his Sister, made from this cute cherry pie fabric that once belonged to their grandmother. I have a good amount of the fabric left, so I'll probably make a picnic table cloth or something with the rest. The accent is from my Mom's stash (I made them in OH while we were visiting) and I picked up a blue solid to match for the linings.

I managed to finish a quilt among all the other things going on! My scrappy pineapple quilt is now finished. I took photos while I was home visiting, so I'll be sharing those later this month.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in December:

December Fabric
Used up: 23.75 yards
Brought in: 5.75 yards
Net: -18 yards
Year to date: -107 yards

December Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: 0 yards
Year to date: -426 yards

Brought in a little fabric this month, almost all of it was used for gift sewing, so I feel okay about it! I was hoping to finish up a knit project over the holidays, but it just didn't happen. Hopefully I'll finish it this year!

Early in the month we had quite a bit of ice, I had to capture everything covered in it!

I made a new sweet recipe this season, Cinnamon Harissa Caramel Corn. It was surprisingly simple to make and really good!

George the bunny, looking so handsome!

I'll be back next week to share my 2019 wrap up and 2020 goals!


  1. Jeni, I love your monthly reports. You really put the pedal to the metal and made and finished up a lot of things. Well done!! George looks so adorable, uhm, I mean handsome, of course. I just love our annimabibbles. I have two kitties.
    Looking at your sewing room..... it is a wonderful room. Um, I am 65 now, so sometimes I say stuff, oops. Um, you could use a new better chair. They have some amazing ones now.
    So, I have enjoyed all of your inspiration this month,🥰 this past year and I am so happy I found your blog so many years ago. ❤️ Happy New Year sweetums

  2. ~~ oh, and the popcorn looks so so so yummy.
    The ice looks very pretty, but that thing about winter, it is all of those tiny little rocks/gravel that gets into my shoes and into the house.... but, easily remedied by the minivac. We are in Northern Virginia, the furthest west and north, and some snow would be nice.
    bye again

  3. Im not good with messaging. Saw your triangular pouches on pintetest in 3 sizes. Would you have the measurements of the medium and large please. Thank you in advance. Cecilia

    1. Unfortunately I don't have the pouches anymore (they were a gift) so I don't know what the measurements are!


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