2020 in Review

Friday, January 29, 2021

I thought we better look back at 2020 before we get too far into 2021. To be honest I have been tempted to skip this post altogether. But I know I'll regret it if I don't mark the year changing at all.

I met almost none of my crafty goals for the year. Never could I have imagined the things that would happen in 2020, and my sewing goals definitely took a back seat. I spent a lot more time in 2020 just trying to stay afloat. Taking care of our household, trying to stay connected to friends and family, and focusing my sewing on more practical projects like masks and things for the house. I also spent much more time this year in the garden; any excuse to be outside and not in the house for a bit.

I think the biggest reason that I did not meet many of my crafty goals in 2020 (other than the pandemic) is that they were really project specific. It didn't allow me much room to be flexible. With that in mind I'm making more broad goals for 2021. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, but I will admit I'm dissapointed. I know it's an ebb and flow though. Some years are more productive than others, and this is an incredibly trying peroid of time that we've been living through.

So, in order to feel a little better about what I was able to accomplish last year, I'm going to mix up the yearly review a bit. You can see past yearly reviews here.

First up, my proudest crafty accomplishment of 2020. For the fifth year in a row, I tracked my fabric and yarn yardage. (See how I do that in this post.) As in other years, my goal was simply to use up more fabric than I bring in. I'm happy to report that I acheived this for both fabric and yarn! I also wanted to bring in less fabric than last year (which was 48 yards), so I met that extra bit too!

2020 Fabric Stash:
Brought in: 40.25 yards
Sewed up/destashed: 65.5 yards
Net: -25.25 yards

2020 Yarn Stash:
Brought in: 0 yards
Knit up/destashed: 334 yards
Net: -334 yards

My favorite quilt finish:

Photo used with permission from Quilts & More magazine. ©2020 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.
Keep On Turning Quilt

My favorite lined drawstring bag finish:

Tiny Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar

My favorite tote bag finish:

Scrappy Canvas Workshop Tote Bag

My favorite (and only) knitting finish:

Sweet Nectar Mitts

I actually managed to share 13 tutorial or informational posts this year, which is cool! I wrote a number of them for the lined drawstring bag sew along, plus a few based around sewing space organization. I hope to add to that series this Spring. See all the tutorials/informational posts I shared in 2020 below:

Long Scrappy Pincushion Tutorial
Scrappy Nine-Patch Pincushion Tutorial
DIY Quilt Ladder
DIY Fabric Grow Bags
Tips for Keeping Your Sewing Table Organized and Clutter Free
Tips for Storing Projects in Progress (WIPs)
Tips for Organizing and Storing Fabric Scraps
Vote Mini Quilt Tutorial
How to Add Pom Pom Trim to a Pillow
Tips for Choosing Fabrics for Drawstring Bags
Lined Drawstring Bag Video Tutorial
Wine Bottle Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial
How to Add an Exterior Pocket to a Drawstring Bag

I released one new pattern in 2020, the Bear Paw Pillows Pattern. It's currently available as a PDF only, but the Paper version and a little shop refresh are both coming in February.

Find the pattern here: Bear Paw Pillows Pattern

One of the biggest changes I made to my shop in 2020 was I started selling Cotton Twill Tape and Cotton Webbing. I'm excited to add more new products like these this year, first up wooden beads! Hopefully also in February.

Find those products here: Cotton Twill Tape and Cotton Webbing

I want to wrap up this review by sharing a few of my favorite snapshots from my 2020 garden. There wasn't as much to look forward to in 2020 as plans kept needing to be canceled and we hunkered down here in CT. Being able to grow food and flowers really helped me get through it. Every morning during the Summer I'd start the day by going out and walking through the garden to see the progress. Oftentimes I'd do the same again a few times during the day, whenever I needed some fresh air or a pick me up. Usually the growing season seems so slow, but I really was able to savor and appreciate it last year.

I'll be back to share my 2021 Crafty Goals soon!


  1. All great accomplishments, small or large. Sharing your talents and interest sustained your followers, and I am certain, yourself. Here's to more creativity and sharing in 2021.
    D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  2. Love your year end review. It was quite a year! Your garden is beautiful and I can see why it helped you get through these crazy days. Those mittens are awesome. Say hi to George bunny.

  3. You certainly made some lovely things this past year. Those mittens!!! Good to know that I'm not the only one who's best laid creative plans took a turn of the decade detour last year. Plan on making your long scrappy pincushion to enhance my sewing space. Thank you for sharing your makes and ideas.

  4. You did great in 2020! Your blog posts helped me during this difficult year. I look forward to reading them whenever they appear...I love seeing your cheerful projects, pictures of your garden, and pictures of George. I hope you count that among your yearly succeesses.

    As for everything else, be kind to yourself. Keeping a household goind, keeping up with family and friends, and taking care of yourself all add up to a great big success in 2020.

    As for creative goals, I, too, find that they can be more of a burden than an inspiration if they are too specific. I try to make specific goals about things like finishing up WIPs and things I want to make as gifts. But feeling like I should be making one quilt pattern when I want to be working on another idea takes the fun out it. I had thought I would be making certain quilts during the fall and winter, but ended up making about 20 of your drawstring gift bags, just because that's what made me happy! So you can count that among your 2020 successes as well!

  5. Lots of great posts and a gorgeous garden in 2020, Jeni!!

  6. Don't bother with the negative (no matter where it comes from)....flowers, house, fabric, bunny, family, writer, baker, sewer and the list continues....Oh! you didn't accomplish anything......give me a break, jeni baker.....and give yourself a break as well. :)

  7. I just love all you do and share with us!! I delight in seeing your beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing❤️💗

  8. You have been so busy!! I wish my sewing studio was as neat and tidy as yours, I find it much easier to come up with ideas for quilts when my room is reasonably tidy. Beautiful garden photos, especially love the peachy pink dahlia in your second phtograph.

  9. I love everything but especially the mittens - GORGEOUS !


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