Kona Cottons Florette Quilt

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Happy Wednesday! I meant to share this quilt with you in August, but time got away from me. Better late than never I suppose!

Disclosure: Robert Kaufman provided the fabrics for me to make this quilt.

Last year I was invited to make a quilt for Robert Kaufman's annual Kona Cotton calendar. I chose the month of August because the colors were purple/blue. My favorite colors! I decided to make a throw quilt using my Florette Quilt Pattern with these colors since I'd only ever made it in a wide range of colors. Using only solids is already out of my comfort zone, but solids in the same basic color? Woo! This was a challenge for me, but I was excited to try.

Find the pattern for this quilt here: Florette Quilt Pattern

I decided pretty early on to arrange the flower colors in a gradient. I tried a bunch of different layouts before landing here, but I really love how it turned out. Gives it a bit of extra movement. I also knew right away I didn't want to use a neutral for the background. A soft blue seemed like a good choice instead and I'm glad I chose it. It's a little hard to see in the photos, but in person it is much more obvious that it's blue!

For the quilting I sent it to Melissa Kelley of Sew Shabby Quilting. I went with one of my favorite quilting designs Malachite. It just looks good with everything, I swear!

You guessed it, it's bound up (and backed) in more purple! Here are all the fabrics I used to make this quilt:

As I mentioned, this entire quilt is made from Kona Cottons by Robert Kaufman. The background is actually Sky, the cornerstones are Hyacinth, backing is Grapemist and the binding is Noble Purple. The block fabrics are: Amethyst, Blue Bell, Bright Periwinkle, Hyacinth, Lavender, Lilac, Midnight, Purple, Nightfall, Denim, Cloud, Deep Blue, Evening, Cornflower, Grapemist, Tulip, Lapis, Regal, Princeess, and Noble Purple. You can see all the colors, and the quilt mock-up here: Kona Florette Quilt

And here it is in the Kona Calendar for 2021! :)

This was a fun project that stretched me outside of my comfort zone. It was also one of the only quilts I finished in 2020. I'm not sure I'll ever be super into making all solids quilts, but I definitely want to make more single colors quilts. I just love prints too much to give them up!

Find the pattern for this quilt here: Florette Quilt Pattern

Happy Quilting!


  1. This turned out beautiful!! Love, love the layout and all the colours in there. Also love the block pattern you used for your quilt. It looks stunning!

  2. well jeni your work is stunning. congratulations.
    it is beautiful and a testament to your talent.


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