Last Minute Halloween Countdown Project

Monday, October 25, 2021

Happy Monday! I have one more Halloween project to share this season.

I whipped this up on Thursday and Friday last week, after I had a last minute idea. There are a bunch of little things I want to do to celebrate the season and we havne't gotten to most of them quite yet. So I decided to make a little Halloween countdown! This is really just a one week version of my Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar, but without numbered bags!

I already had a little treat bag (the orange one!) made from last year, so I needed to make six more. I used my Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern and used the tiny size. Perfect for a couple pieces of candy and an activity suggestion! I kept each activity pretty simple. I included a few different movies we want to watch, doing a Halloween puzzle, roasting pumpkin seeds, and making hot cocoa! Nothing too complicated.

Since the bags are so small I could use some extra previous fabrics. Including a spoonflower swatch I've had for who knows how long!! All of them have been in my stash for a while. luckily I still had enough of the accent fabric that I used on the bag I made last year, so they all have a matching element.

I cut all the bag pieces out on Thursday in about 45 minutes, including choosing the fabrics. On Friday it was just a couple hours of sewing and a shopping trip for some candy!

It was fun to sew just a few, and they turn out so cute. I used black nylon paracord for the ties to keep it quick and easy!

So starting today (Monday!), we get to open one bag a day through Halloween! It's a bit silly, but I don't care! We need to find little moments of joy anywhere we can. It's been a little weird leading up to Halloween this year. I'm usually busy making George bunny a Halloween costume and planning his yearly photo. Having a little countdown feels like it will be a nice distraction this week.

You can find the pattern for these bags in my shop here: Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern

Happy Sewing!


  1. We all miss George. Find fun where you can. I love this idea!

  2. I miss Georgie as well. It doesn't seem the same without Georgie's photos etc...Anyway.
    Jeni...I sort of sort of touch upon this on your blog....when you were in college and working of that first quilt..did you think...hey I think I came make this into a business etc...and also at what point did you feel super confident about your quilting skills? Maybe you can write a blog about isn't like personal, but business....or a video etc...I know you said you don't feel 100% so, maybe later on? Thanks and Best.

  3. Oh, George Bunny. Miss him too! These bags are so cute. I am making some in Christmas fabric for my friend to give with the doll dresses she makes. Thank you again for a wonderfully written pattern! Happy Halloween!

  4. Super sweet Halloween treat bags, Jeni!!


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