October Monthly Report

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Happy November! It's time to reflect on what I worked on in the month of October and check in with my crafty goals and stash tracking. See past monthly reports here.

I did a ton of sewing this month! It felt good to finish a bunch of things and I felt motivated to sew more often. I managed to finish my vintage sheet bear paw baby quilt and pillow. Now I just need to photograph them and the large throw version I made too! I love how they all turned out. It was even more satisfying to finish since it was a long-term project.

I also started and finished a baby quilt for a friend. I dug back into some designs I did for Quilty Box a few years ago and adapted one for this quilt. I'll be sharing it at some point as a free tutorial.

Whoops, I made more Halloween bags! This everything size lined drawstring bag was made with scraps from my Halloween Nine-Patch Quilt. I've been holding onto the scraps for five years, so it feels good to make something with them! And who doesn't love a patchwork bag? I think it turned out pretty cute.

One more I made right before Halloween with this adorable ghost fabric from Bring Your Own Boos* by Cotton and Steel! This is another everything size lined drawstring bag.

I finally had to retire the key fob that a friend made me years ago as I had completely worn it out! I managed to salvage the hardware and made myself a new one with this scrap of Liberty quilting cotton. It was tough to choose a fabric for this since it's something I use/see every single day!

I finished my first crochet project!! My scrap yarn basket is done! This thing used up 2100 yards of yarn, which is incredible. I held 5 strands at a time. It was made completely of scraps and partial skeins of dk, worsted, and aran weight yarns. Now I want to make another (albeit smaller) with sock weight yarns, because I have a lot of leftovers there too. Feels so good to clear out the scraps! I used this tutorial from My Poppet to make my basket.

I told you I was busy this month! I also finished a woven scarf! I need to get some better photos of it, but it's nice bright pink.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in October:

October Fabric
Used up: 13.75 yard
Brought in: 7 yards
Net: -6.75 yards
Year to date: -52.75 yards

October Yarn
Used up: 2494 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: -2494 yards
Year to date: -3494 yards

I bought fabric, again! I picked these up from Stash Fabrics and Hawthorne Supply Co. I wanted a few specific things for the sew along later in November, but I also realized that I've maybe restricted my buying a little too much. It's fun to bring in new fabrics to spark inspiration so I'm going to try to find a better balance. We'll see! Still managed to stay in the negative with all my finishes this month. And a lot of yardage used up on the yarn side too, woo hoo!

Let's check in my with 2022 crafty goals. This month I:
- Finished up the rest of the vintage bear paw quilt projects (long term WIP).
- Finished a weaving project.

On the DIY front, I finally painted our main bathroom this month. It needed it so badly and I had been putting it off since we moved in. It's a small room and our only bathroom with a shower, so a bit tough to paint! I'm very glad it's done and it looks so much better. Just a fresh coat of white.

Dusty kitty all snuggled up on my Keep Turning Quilt. :)

Have a Great Month!


  1. Wow, you were busy! I love the colors of the blue and gold baby quilt. And your woven scarf is awesome. Hi to kitty!

  2. Love that scrap yarn basket!! I’ve donated most of my yarn that I wasn’t interested in using, but I definitely want to make one of these!!


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