Bear Paw Mini Quilt

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Happy Wednesday! Today I have a recent mini quilt finish to share!

For the last several Mother's Days I've made my Mom a new mini quilt for her craft room. This year was no exception, and I decided to use this cheater print from Honey by Alexia Abegg* as a starting point for the mini quilt. I pulled a few blenders to match from my stash and a long hoarded low-volume print for the background.

I decided on making a bear paw mini quilt using my Bear Paw Pillows Pattern. The only difference is I ended up leaving off the final borders. I didn't want the mini quilt to end up too big!

The nice thing about using the cheater print is that there were so many colors I could pull in to match! I dug deep in my stash for this dusty pink binding fabric.

I think the final mini quilt turned out pretty cute! I don't make a lot of mini quilts these days, so this was fun. Makes me want to make more. It's nice to be able to play with a design and a color palette without committing to a huge quilt!

For the quilting I did straight lines shadowing some of the piecing. Nothing fancy!

Another deep stash dive for this backing print! It's not an exact match for the front of the mini, but I think it still works with the binding. It's an old print by Erin McMorris.

Pick up a copy of the pattern here: Bear Paw Pillow Pattern

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Super cute! I bet working with that cheater print was fun and what a perfect backing you found!

  2. Love the colours you combined and that cheater print adds an extra bit of fun to this gorgeous mini quilt, Jeni! What a sweet gift for your Mom to enjoy!

  3. I love a mini! I need to finish some of mine so I can get them displayed.


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