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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Happy Wednesday! Today I have a recent tote bag finish to share with you!

As I mentioned in my last What I'm Currently Working On post, I cut a ton of squares to make a couple of plus quilts. I still ended up with extra squares after setting aside enough to make a throw quilt and a baby quilt. I happened to realize that the square size is the same as what you need for the patchwork version of my Workshop Tote Pattern! And lucky me, I had enough squares leftover to make one!

Since I already had all the squares cut, the patchwork panels came together really fast! I got them all stitched together, interfaced and cut linings/handles in one day. It was the weekend and there was nice weather to enjoy, otherwise I could have just pushed through and finished the bag.

On the other hand, when I make bags I do like to do all the prep work one day and then start sewing fresh the second day. This bag is not complicated (and I've made a bunch of them of course!), so it's not super necessary to break up the prep and sewing.

I was so happy to use up most of the leftover squares, and now I'll have a tote bag to match the two quilts I'm making, which is pretty fun! I love how sherbet-y these colors are. I tried to use up most of the focal prints that were left, and used plenty of the repeat blenders on the sides of the tote and the bottom.

For the lining I pulled out this older Carrie Bloomston* print that I've had in my stash for a really long time. I don't stash a lot of cuts that are more than 1/2 yard, so I was glad to find something that matched relatively well. To keep this tote nice and easy I used 1" cotton webbing for the handles instead of making them. I have some stocked in my online shop: 1" Cotton Webbing

Pick up a copy of the pattern here: The Workshop Tote Pattern

I also have a Sew Along for this pattern, which you can find here: The Workshop Tote Sew Along

Happy Sewing!

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  1. This is lovely! I have used your Lined Drawstring bag pattern twice to give along with quilt that I have made as a gift. I used the Laundry bag size. I will have to check this tote out the next time to present my quilt in. This tote looks very useful, too.


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