Sewing Projects for Baby P

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Today I want to share some of the things I've sewn (and dyed) for Baby P! It's been fun being able to sew things to use with and for her. It was also nice to not be limited by the available patterns and fabrics of ready-made baby items. I have already made a few more things for her, and will continue to! Will share more projects in the months to come.

One of the first things I did was dye some onesies! I just used my regular Fiber Reactive Procion Dye from Dharma Trading with Gerber brand all cotton onesies*.

I've ice dyed a few Mommy & Me shirts for us! Some of these I wore before she was born, and others I wear now! Not all of these turned out quite how I wanted, but that's okay. It's been fun to be matching!

I made myself an Out and About Dress (pattern by Sew Caroline) this spring out of one of my knit prints from Curiosities*. From the scraps I made a pair of matching leggings using the Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial by Made by Rae and a little hat with the Knit Baby Hat Tutorial by Pin Cut Sew Studio.

I thrifted most of my maternity clothes, including a bunch of dresses to wear once the weather got warm. This one was too long on me, so I chopping about 1' off of the bottom and used the scraps to make a pair of DIY Baby Pants by Early Morning Mom and a hat with the Knit Baby Hat Tutorial by Pin Cut Sew Studio.

I actually ordered a fabric cover for the changing pads that we bought and ended up returning it. The fabric was not nice and the fit was terrible. I ended up deciding to make some covers, so I made four using the Contoured Changing Pad Cover Tutorial by E Tells Tales. I used some cheerful vintage sheets for these and I love how they fit right into our home.

Speaking of changing pads, I made this travel changing pad using the Travel Changing Pad Tutorial by Sew Very Lovely. The back is a thrifted towel! I was able to use up a bunch of binding scraps on this project.

I bought a nursing pillow without a cover, so of course I made a couple covers. I took advntage of my stash of vintage sheets for these too. I used the Nursing Pillow Cover Tutorial by Made by Rae.

A project I already shared is the high contrast baby books I made. I also wrote a tutorial for them which you can find here: High Contrast Fabric Baby Book Sewing Tutorial

Last but not least, I've recently made a bunch of tag toys! She is really loving these, so I made a bunch so that we can have them in a few different spots. They all have crinkle paper* in them. I have very few ribbons in my stash, hence all the Hello Kitty ones!

That's it for now! I will continue to share more projects as I make new things for her.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. She is so lucky to have a mom who sews. Everything is turning out great! Can't wait to see what else you make!

  2. oh jeni, what a lovely inspiring post. am pleased that you can manage to find time for your creativity and sewing. and thanks for sharing. has given me some ideas for sure (-:

  3. My kids loved crinkle paper, I bet she's having a ball with it too! Thanks for sharing all your creative makes for the baby.

  4. You are very busy with baby, business and home. However, I wanted to let you know that you are a very productive person. You've made so many nice things for the baby. Best to you and your family.


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