(More) Adventures in Thrifting

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Happy Tuesday! Today I have the next installment of adventures in thrifting where I share my recent thrift store finds. I've found some real goodies lately!

I love collecting interesting art and was immediately drawn to this piece. I believe it is an original drawing, not a print. It's already hanging in our library!

I don't always check out the basket sections too closely, but I thought this one was really sweet. The handle hardware was missing on one side, but a quick repair and it's good as new! I've been keeping one of my crochet projects in it.

After seeing a few videos on instagram of paper making, I really wanted to try it myself. So I bought this fun blender specifically to use for crafting. I've made two batches of paper so far and I'm learning a lot! Hoping to make time to use it for something soon.

Another successful trip to our local craft thrift store, Ecoworks. Found some cute fabrics and some test tubes to use for an upcoming project!

This sweet embroidered piece was a rescue from the Goodwill Outlet! I have plans to finish it. It was a kit, there is the outline of another kitten in the upper right corner. I already finished the partially completed butterfly and have started the kitten. Not sure how I'll finish the quilt in the end, but it seemed worth saving!

I'm very excited about this little lap loop I found! I think it was only $5? I want to use it to make some decorating weavings.

Lately I've been making an effort to visit our local Goodwill Outlet more often. It's of course very hit or miss. Sometimes I find nothing, other times a bunch of goodies! Here are a few recent hauls.

Snatched up a few unbroken ball jars on this trip. The vintage holiday table runner cleaned up really nicely, looking forward to using it next Christmas!

This was one of the best days I've had at the outlet! Found all these sheets and pillowcases in one trip! And two of them are King size, which is a rare find.

Last but not least, this is what I found at the outlet this past weekend! There was a bunch of sewing supplies and fabrics in one of the linen bins, and I found some really cute stuff! Plus a sheet and two different sets of vintage cloth napkins!!

Cute set of pillowcases!

I didn't realize how crafty my finds have been recently! :)

Happy Thrifting!


  1. jeni, you are an inspiration to us all. i love what you have found and you have given me a couple of ideas for the future. you did good girl. i hope your little one is thriving and your husband is well. happy day jeni and thanks for keeping us up to date with your life and happiness.

  2. All great finds and I love the art work and how it's signed. It would make that artist very proud to see it loved! Doris

  3. Debra Grizzell ParkerApril 9, 2024 at 9:37 AM

    I LOVE YOUR THRIFTING BLOGS! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I believe there’s a poem or story about the “gingham dog and the calico cat.” Maybe it will turn up in one of your thrift shop forays someday!


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