Patchwork Star Block Tutorial

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Patchwork Star Block Tutorial - In Color Order
Patchwork Star Block Tutorial, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Today I am sharing a Patchwork Star Block Tutorial a fun variation on the traditional Sawtooth Star block!

This was originally published as a guest tutorial on Thought & Found.

Patchwork Star Block Tutorial - In Color Order
Vintage Sheet Block, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Sewing Level: Intermediate

- (4) 4" squares from background fabric
- (4) 3.5" squares from background fabric
- (4) 4" squares from main print fabric
- (9) 2.5" squares from various print fabrics

1. First we’re going to piece the inner patchwork square. Lay out your nine 2.5″ squares in a 3 x 3 arrangement.

2. Sew each row. Press the seams in alternating directions.

3. Sew rows together. Press seams open. At this point it would be a good idea to square up the 9-patch to 6.5″ before continuing with the rest of the block’s construction.

4. Now we’re going to sew the half-square triangles for our star points. Put a 4″ background square and a 4″ print square right sides together. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.

5. Stitch 1/4″ on both sides of the line you just drew. Cut along the line with scissors or a rotary cutter. Press the seam open. Trim to 3.5″.

6. Repeat with the remaining 4″ squares for a total of eight half-square triangles.

7. Arrange half-square triangle blocks around center patchwork, with 3.5" background squares in the corners as shown above.

8. Sew both pairs of side half-square triangles together. Press the seams open.

9. Sew the side half-square triangle units to the center patchwork square and press the seams towards center. Sew together the pieces for top row. Sew together the pieces for the bottom row. For each of the top and bottom units, press the center seam open, and the side seams towards the outside.

Patchwork Star Block Tutorial - In Color Order
Patchwork Star Block Tutorial, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
10. Sew all three rows together. Press the seams open.

Voila! You’re done!


  1. So pretty!!! And perfectly stitched as always :)

  2. there are just so many fun quilt-alongs happening!! it's too much to handle. now i just need to figure out how to get more time in my day!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jeni! I can't wait to see the patchwork stars start to pop up in the Flickr group!

  4. Lovely! Not my normal cup of tea, but I really adore the watercolor effect of this block!

  5. I just made one for a sampler-type quilt I'm working on. Yours is cuter :) Mine had one spot where it didn't line up perfectly. I almost ripped it, but then once I put it in the quilt you couldn't even notice unless looking very closely.

  6. I can see in the pic what to do with the 3.5” squares but didn’t see in the written instructions.

    1. I've updated the instructions, they're used in the corners!

  7. I did this block and it didn't quite line up right and I am not sure why. I checked seems and they are good. Thanks though.

  8. I love love love this block! I will do it. Thanks!

  9. Will be using this block project as a lap quilt. The instructions are great! Wish more people would make their project's easy to read as yours.


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