Friday Favorites 25

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post!

- I pulled out my instax camera* this week! I'd really like to use it more often. It's got fresh batteries and a fresh pack of film. Kitten got her first instax portrait taken. :)

- This purple quilt by M.A.D. Sewing made using my Arithmetic Quilt Pattern has me wanting to make an all purple quilt!!

- Bookmarking this tutorial by Amy Reader for a foldaway ironing board, I want to do this in a future space!

- Pulled out my bottle of Retayne* twice this week to treat garment dyed clothing. It's a lifesaver for any fabrics/clothes you think might run in the wash!

- Speaking of dye, I'm getting excited to do some dyeing soon. Indigo dyeing is especially perfect for Summer!

- My hydrangeas are in full bloom right now! Our soil is pretty acidic, so they're mostly blue with little hints of purple here and there.

- Our CSA started and the last two weeks we've gotten a bunch of shelling peas. We ended up crisping them in our air fryer* and turning them into a snack! I did 400 degrees for about 16 minutes, give or take.

- I ended up baking another cake this week, this time to use up the dozen egg yolks leftover from my angelfood cake! I used this recipe. It turned out pretty good, but a little dry. I think I'd add some oil or butter next time. I made a simple lime glaze for it!

- The hot weather we've had recently means I've gotten back into puzzle mode. Did a few 500 piece ones this week, but I think this one* designed by Julia Rothman was my favorite.

- Dusty helping me in the craft room. I'm working through my vintage sheet scraps, precutting more blocks for this quilt.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Your hydrangea are especially lovely. Such a brilliant color! When we had pink ones in our side yard, I added aluminum sulfate to make them turn blue... so they were pink and blue. Even had pedestrians stop to knock on the door to ask what they were! Guess that's a backhanded way of getting compliments.

  2. thanks for posting.


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