New: Indigo Steps Quilt Pattern

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I have another new pattern to share, the Indigo Steps Quilt Pattern!

Earlier this year I released a tutorial for my indigo courthouse steps quilt, but I knew I wanted to eventually release a pattern to include more sizes for the design. Well that day has come! My new pattern has five different size quilts ranging from Baby to an Extra Large Throw! These super sized blocks give the traditional courthouse steps design a modern twist.

This quilt comes together in a flash and would look good in so many different fabric and color combinations! For the cover quilt I've used a single background fabric along with my indigo dyed fat quarters for the prints. Each block uses only 1 fabric, but there are so many possibilities with this design. You could go completely scrappy, or just choose a few colors to feature! I want to make one from my scraps next I think!

As I mentioned there are FIVE quilt sizes to choose from! Here are the included sizes: Baby (36"x36"), Small Throw (54"x72"), Square Throw (72"x72"), Large (72"x90"), Extra Large (90"x108")

This pattern was written for fat quarters, but it can be made from your stash, jelly roll strips or even scraps! There are piece count tables included with each size to make it easier to use what you'd like!

I've had so many ideas for patterns tucked away over the last few years, but I've hesitated from writing them up and releasing them. I tend to overthink my way out of writing them. On the other hand I often get questions about patterns for older designs or designs that have appeared in magazines. It seems silly to keep them to myself when there is interest in the instructions! I'm hoping to release patterns more often for a while to get through my backlog of designs. Next I'm working on writing up a pattern for my Keep On Turning Quilt!

Find the pattern in my online shop here: Indigo Steps Quilt Pattern.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Can you give me some more information about using jelly rolls for the Indigo Steps Quilt Pattern? Does the pattern tell you how many jelly rolls needed for each size? And do would jelly rolls need to be further cut for the pattern requirements on the width? (Length, I get. Yes. Of course.)

    1. Hi Aime--Sure thing! You'll need to replace each fat quarter called for in the pattern with 3.5 jelly roll strips. So all but the Extra-Large Quilt could be made with a single jelly roll (assuming it's a typical 40 strip roll). The full 2.5" width of the strips is used, no cutting in that direction. Just length!


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