2024 Crafty Goals

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

It's a few weeks into the new year, and I think I've finally nailed down some crafty goals for 2024. To be honest, it has been difficult to get this post written. It took about a week into the year before I even felt like I could make any goals. Being the primary caretaker for our daughter has meant that my time to dedicate to creative work is extremely limited. Making super specific or challenging goals doesn't feel particularly motivating to me at the moment. And so I kind of fell into the "why bother" line of thinking for a few days. But, I realized that just because I don't feel like I can make the kinds of goals I usually do, doesn't mean I can't make any goals.

This year my goals list is pretty short, and I'm keeping it simple. I don't want these goals to add any stress to my life! I want there to be more wiggle room than I've given myself previously. This year is not about production, it's about nurturing my creativity. I realize I don't have to make goals at all, but I find comfort in a little structure. I think it would feel weird for me to have no goals at all. So without further ado, here are my goals for this year:

2024 Crafty Goals

- My #1 goal: When I do have time to make, spend most of that time playing. Work on whatever will make me the happiest in that moment.

- Try to use up more yardage than I bring in for both fabric and yarn. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target. I'm less worried about this goal, I feel confident that my buying habits are in check after many years of tracking.

- Finish up 1 or 2 long-term projects in progress.

- Sew something with my vintage sheet stash.

- Finish my colorwork mittens (I'm so close already, this should be a quick win!).

- Restart my art practice. This one is already in progress, I'm taking this class at the moment and feeling so inspired.

- Crochet more amigirumi.

That's it! Low-key and (hopefully) managable. A few specific goals, but most are pretty open ended, which I think will be good for me. Have you made any crafty goals for 2024? If you're looking for some advice for making crafty goals, I wrote a post about my general approach to crafty goals a few years ago, you can find it here: Tips for Making and Keeping Crafty Goals.

Happy Making!


  1. I think your goals are completely manageable. I am challenging myself to finish other crafts that I have besides quilting. I have many little totes with wool, candlewicking and others. I will grab a tote each month. If I want to work on it, I will finish it in the month. If I really don't like it or want to work on it, I will donate it. This will clear out some projects which is always something I am looking to do. Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. After my 4 year old was born, I felt much the same as you. Your line "This year is not about production, it's about nurturing my creativity." was what I adapted to. Prior to that I had been making to give lots of gifts each year and sell some at fairs on the side. It has actually been quite freeing to not have a production goal but a creative freedom. I hope you finish some goals and have lots of time to play with your baby!

  3. jeni, what a very wise post. you are doing your most incredible job ever with your sweet child but you are also nurturing yourself. perfect. (-:


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