2024 Stash Tracking Worksheet

Friday, January 19, 2024

Happy Friday! I have a fun treat to share with you today, a new version of my stash tracking worksheet!

If you're new here, a little background. For the last eight years, I've been keeping track of the fabric (and yarn) that comes in and out of my stash. Each year I start at zero and try to end the year by using up more than I bring in. It's just a part of how I operate creatively at this point, and I've loved sharing about it over the years. When I first started tracking it was really eye opening to see just how much I was buying compared to how much I was actually using. Tracking helped me find a better balance (I still buy fabric!), and keep my stash at a much more manageable level. I've talked about this process a lot, but here are a few main posts to get you started if you're interested in trying something like this:

- How I Track My Fabric and Yarn Yardage
- Stash Tracking Worksheet
- What I've Learned Tracking My Fabric Yardage

Late last year, Megan Wenger (@lifeofmegananne on IG) reached out about a new zero fabric challenge that she is organizing! As a part of that challenge she expanded on my stash tracking worksheet and gave it a lovely refresh. She added an extra sheet with some of the yardage calculators from my tracking post, plus columns for tracking destash sale amounts or finished product sale amounts. And best of all, she's graciously sharing it with you! Find the new worksheet here: 2024 Net Fabric Zero Challenge Tracker

If you're interested in joining Megan's challenge be sure to follow along on her blog and instagram! I'm excited that she is turning this into a community event! Here is her intro post about the challenge: {Net Zero Fabric} January look ahead.

Happy Tracking!


  1. oh THIS is interesting! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will definitely have to check this out, I really need to learn how to get mine under control and this might be my answer. Thank you, I really like your Sunday postings.


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