2023 in Review

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Happy New Year! It's time to for my annual wrap up of the creative year. This is the 15th (!!) year I've posted a creative review, see previous years here.

For the first time in 8 years, I do not have stash numbers to share! I fell off my stash tracking pretty early in the year, and never had a chance to catch back up. I hope that at some point I can go back and at least get some rough numbers, but I can't spare the time right now. It is what it is and I'm trying not to stress too much about it! I did buy some fabric this year, but I feel confident that I still used up more than I brought in. I hope to just start this year of tracking fresh and try not get behind.

For yarn on the other hand, I definitely bought more yarn than I used. I hadn't bought any yarn in four years (whoa!), and it's much harder for me to use it up compared to fabric.

Some of my favorite finishes of the year I actually still haven't shared here yet, so I'm going to share a list of finished projects instead! This is actually more typical of my yearly review posts in the past. In 2023, I made...

3 Throw quilts (Large Keep Turning Quilt), 3 baby quilts, 1 mini quilt and 1 table topper

Lined Drawstring Bags: 28 Tiny bags, 2 Snack bags, 7 Everything bags, 4 Project bags, 2 Artist bags, 2 Wine bags, and 2 Laundry bags.

2 Tote bags (Patchwork Workshop Tote) and 3 scrappy zipper pouches

3 Christmas stockings (tutorial)

2 Pincushions

3 Ghost kitty softies (Ghost Kitties Tutorial by Ann Wood Handmade)

2 Felt grow bags (tutorial)

2 Vintage sheet dresses, 1 knit dress (Out and About Dress Pattern by Sew Caroline)

3 Fabric baby books, 2 pairs baby leggings, 2 knit baby hats, 1 car seat cover, 4 changing pad covers, 1 travel changing pad, 2 nursing pillow covers, 5 tag toys, and 2 crinkle strips. (See this post for baby sewing.)

Knitting + crochet: 2 Baby hats (Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho), and 5 Woobles amigurumi softies

I shared 8 informational or tutorial posts in 2023:

- Simple Two-Color Baby Quilt Tutorial
- DIY Felt Grow Bags (with Video Tutorial)
- High Contrast Fabric Baby Book Sewing Tutorial
- Easy Puppy Chow Recipe
- Gingerbread House Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- Peppermint Stripe Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- Exposed Gusset Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
- All About Cotton Twill Tape and How to Use it for Drawstring Bags

Now a quick look back at my 2023 Crafty Goals. I didn't do great in this department, but I was pregnant/had a baby this year, so at least I have a good excuse!

Sewing & Quilting Goals:

Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage to help me stay on target.
I believe I still brought in less than I used. I got behind on tracking yardage and never found the time to catch up.

Finish last quilt top from my HST book.
So close, I got it basted!

Finish my double wedding ring quilt.
I finished the arcs, but ran out of steam after that. This was a really overly ambitious goal, considering.

Work on my scrappy spiderweb quilt or liberty churn dash quilt each month.
This did not happen at all.

Start another vintage sheet quilt.
No, but I did plan my next one!

Make 1 small project (pincushions, zipper pouches, softies, etc.) per month.
I think I came close on this one. I did sew every month, not sure I always finished something.

Knitting/Crochet Goals:

Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage to help me stay on target.
I fell off tracking just like with fabric. But in this case I know I bought more yarn than I used, for the first time in a long time!

Knit a little every month.
Defintely did not do this.

Crochet a softie.
YES! Finally, after so many years of wanting to, I learned to crochet Amigurumi. I am so happy about this.

Finish current mitten project.
No, but I'm working on it right now!

Finish/frog a shawl project.

Finish at least one pair of machine knit socks.

And that's it! I'll be back soon to share my 2023 garden wrap up post plus my 2024 crafty goals!

Have Great Day!


  1. You definitely had a productive year! Add in a new baby and I think it's pretty impressive. ;-) Love that you have enjoyed making some baby things for your daughter.

  2. Wow! You accomplished quite a lot. I think it would be a lot even if you hadn't been pregnant and with a new baby. Amazing! So many, many beautiful things.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jeni. Inspirational in everything you have shown us. Hope you and Michael and the sweet baby are doing well. (-:

  4. Thanks for sharing. It's was fun to read. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden round up. Inspired by your Dahlia love, I have a few tubers purchased and am going to try my hand at growing some this year.


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