Adventures in Thrifiting

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Happy Thursday! Today I want to catch up on some of the fun things I've thrifted in the last few months. I would love to get back to regularly sharing my thrift finds. I still love to thrift, and visit thrift stores most weeks! Baby P likes it too, so much stuff to look at!

First up, these towels! I feel like they have a bit of a quilty vibe. I love thrifting towels, they're one of my favorite things to look for. I've found some really cool designs over the years, and I love that they're broken in and already absorbent! Brand new towels that won't absorb water are a pet peeve of mine. These two are beach towel sized, which is probably what we'll use them for!

I have thrifted so many clothes for Baby, but this is probably my favorite piece I thrifted for her recently. It's a vintage rainbow t-shirt! It's 12 month, so we still have some time before she can wear it, but so cute.

Just last weekend I thrifted this homemade easel. It was in dire need of a cleaning, which really didn't take long. The plexiglass can be unscrewed from the base, which made cleaning easy. A little scraping and goo-gone took care of the tape. There were some screws missing, so I replaced them all with new. I think it cleaned up nice!

We are lucky enough to have a crafty thrift store nearby called Ecoworks. I am trying to stop in more regularly, and I found a bunch of good stuff last time I went! I was especially excited about the vintage sheet piece. It's not huge, someone turned it into a simple cafe curtain.

Sewing Through Fog has an extensive directory of secondhand fabric stores, there might be one near you! Check it out here: Secondhand Fabric Finder.

Another Ecoworks haul! I can never resist this sheet. Also check out these sweet cottons I found! I love the bows especially. And deadstock vintage greeting cards!! I went in this time for glass beads to make some bow ornaments. I should share those at some point, they turned out really cute.

I didn't realize how much good fabric I've thrifted recently until putting this post together! I don't have a lot of brown in my stash, so I though this vintage print was a good addition. The sheep ornaments kind of fall into my favorite creepy/cute category. I waited until they were half-off and then rescued them! I love stuffed animal ornaments. I swapped the ribbons on a few of them to dress them up.

This was a freebie! Someone in our neighborhood had it out at the curb. I think its a reproduction meant to look vintage, but I don't care. I really like it! I've got it next to my side of the couch.

Another free find. I picked up this funky wine rack table on the side of the road this Fall. I needed a nightstand for our guest room so I altered it for that. For the wood I used a wide board we pulled out a closet when we first moved in. I wish I had flipped the wine shelves upside down to disquise it a bit more, but oh well! It's functional and it was free, so that's what counts! At some point I want to paint the red fake tiles (they're metal covers).

Picked up a few yards of this glorious plaid at my local Goodwill. I love the colors so much!

It's been ages since I bought any vintage pyrex! I don't see much of it at all anymore, and this daisy piece was so cheerful. It was really dirty, but otherwise in good shape.

Last but not least some supplies for painting and a striped sheet! I have a hard time leaving these stripes behind. This one isn't in the best shape, but there are definitely still plenty of usable bits.

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love seeing your thrifting finds! I need to check out Ecoworks, it's about an hour from me but it looks like a great day trip 🙂

  2. I can't wait to see how you fix up the lamp. I like it too.

  3. I love the striped sheet!! My grandparents had these - my grandfather had the green and a mustard color, and my grandmother had two shades of pink . They are wonderfully soft after 60 years, and I've used some remnants in cozy quilts of my own. It made my heart happy to see these :-)

  4. My parents had those striped sheets but in gold. Good memories. The sheets were so colorful and fun back then.

  5. Some great finds there! I enjoy browsing thrift stores too, though am averse to having too much clutter (or things to dust!) and so something has to be really useful/purposeful to me if I'm going to buy it. We have shifted house quite a few times and that's always been a good time to reflect on the things we've accumulated and make a pile to donate to the thrift shops!

  6. oh jeni, what a sweet post and so much eye candy. lots of fun and lots of clever ideas. thanks for sharing

  7. The rainbow striped t-shirt-I made 3 of those when my kids were young. I loved the fabric.


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