Monday, August 3, 2009

The Bubble Room, originally uploaded by jenib320.

I was doing so well with posting lately, but our vacation has been getting in the way. I finished up my last summer class last week and have been pretty lazy since then, haha. We left Friday morning for Captiva Island, FL. It has been great so far. We are here until Friday August 7th. It has been really relaxing. I have done some great shelling so far and am so happy to be back. I love collecting shells and Captiva and Sanibel Islands are supposed to be some of the best for shelling! Anyways, here is some catch-up on the vacation so far!

I am so in love with this idea. I must remember to bring some of my mason jars with me to my apartment to use as glasses :)

Shells, originally uploaded by jenib320.

The beach is lined with thousands of shells, its kind of overwhelming!

Shells, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Shells, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Sunset on Captiva, originally uploaded by jenib320.

We have a lovely view of the sun setting right from the beach our villa is on!

Cactus, originally uploaded by jenib320.

I really like this little guy. I wish I could take him home!

Tupperware!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Managed to stop at the Goodwill store on Sanibel Island! Found these three Tupperware stacking bowls, $1.99 for the three :) I love the colors.

Tomorrow my Mom and I are heading into Fort Myers for some thrifting! I have mapped out 19 thrift shops on the main roads! We'll see how many we make it to :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Chicken noodle soup
Sound of: Waves
Taste of: Milano cookies
Sight of: Shells
Feel of: Blankets

Good Things about Today:
- Found a Fig shell and Angel Wing shells today!
- Took a nice long afternoon nap
- Milano cookies

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