Meet George!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet George!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

After waiting for many long years, I finally have my own bunny. When I decided to live in an apartment without a roommate this school year I decided I would need some company. I would love a cat but they are a bit expensive and I have to may a monthly fee to have one in my apartment. Because of this, I decided it was time to get a bunny! Ever since making this decision I have been anxiously awaiting the county fair so that I could find the perfect bunny! We were on vacation when the fair started but were back in time to go the day we returned. They had many bunnies but I was hoping to find a dwarf because he will be kept inside and in a cage. On Friday I found and purchased George! He was only $20! I couldn't pick him up until Sunday after 8pm.

Yesterday 8pm finally rolled around and George is now safely home! My cats are a little freaked out so I have his cage in my room. He seems to be pretty happy, he wasn't scared at all. He loves exploring and is really curious so we named him George. I am so excited, I love him :)

Meet George!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Meet George!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Today I love the..
Smell of: New conditioner
Sound of: Harry Potter
Taste of: Vanilla Yogurt
Sight of: Bunny!
Feel of: Bunny!

Good Things about Today:
- Playing with George the Bunny
- New coupons
- Working on crafty projects
- Beautiful weather

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