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Thursday, August 6, 2009

We will be making our way back up to Cleveland tomorrow afternoon, it has been a nice week. I was inspired by the lovely series on favorite things going on over at the Decor8 Blog this week, and have decided to do a little makeshift one of my own. This will also be a way for you all to get to know me a little better! :)

My creation, originally uploaded by jenib320.

1. Strawberries: My favorite fruit, and easily one of my very favorite foods. Love eating them fresh and plain but have really enjoyed making strawberry freezer jam!. 2. Fabric: I love crafting and sewing and it is always so satisfying and exciting coming home with new fabrics, so much possibility! 3. Flowers: I love gardening and really enjoyed growing all my plants from seed this year. Cut flowers always make me smile. 4. Shoes: Love shoes, and have many pairs even though I only wear a select few. Very partial to flats, especially ones with giant bows on them!

My creation, originally uploaded by jenib320.

1. Vintage Enamelware: I love collecting vintage Dansk Kobenstyle pots as well as Cathrineholm enamel items. It's been a wonderful hobby and I love the shapes and colors of these pieces. 2. Vintage Pyrex: I throughly enjoy the hunt for this vintage ovenware. Such beautiful colors and patterns, much more fun than the clear glass things they sell now! Love finding and using these beauties! 3. Vintage Lotus Bowls: These bowls seem to turn up all over the place. I don't know what it is about them that I like but they're handy for all kinds of little things and very sweet. I have quite a collection of them! 4. Hello Kitty: I love Hello Kitty and really enjoy collecting different Hello Kitty items. Hello Kitty is just too cute and irresistible! It really brings a smile to my face!

My creation, originally uploaded by jenib320.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: I love my Cavs. I am a huge fan and watch as may games as possible! I love going to the games and taking pictures of my Cavs! Lebron James, MVP! 2. Mike: My boyfriend of a year and a half. I realize he isn't a 'thing' but definitely still a favorite! :) 3. Blackie: My first kitty. I love when she comes and hangs out in my room with me, sleeping on the end of my bed. She may not like me that well (I like to pick her up!) but she is wonderful company and I love her! 4. Bobbie: Our second kitty. She is feisty and funny. When we need a good laugh, Bobbie always follows through. She enjoys carting around beanie babies and playing with ice cubes!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Clean laundry
Sound of: Jack Johnson
Taste of: Strawberry Waffles
Sight of: A new desktop background
Feel of: Wet sand

Good Things about Today:
- Going home tomorrow!
- Skyping with Mike and Sonny!
- Diet Coke
- Learned to fold origami cranes

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