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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kitchen Finds!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Today my Mom and I went on an adventure out to Fort Myers to go thrifting. I mapped out 19 thrift stores for us to hit! A few were closed and a few we couldn't find, but we managed to go to 10 thrift stores and 4 antique stores! Not bad, and we were only gone for about 5 hours! We found a lot of great stuff! It was really exciting to go to all new thrift stores. I love my thrift haunts at home but it is nice to mix it up a bit!

Pyrex Finds!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

I found a lot of Pyrex which was very exciting! First I found the Sage Scroll oval casserole, which I am extremely excited about! This is the first time I've seen it in person and I love it. It is in really great condition and was only $6! Next I found the Pink Daisy space saver for $3.75 at a Salvation Army! It has some wear on the corners but the pattern is in great shape. I have never seen this size before, it's 1.25 quarts. Should be good for brownies! Next I found the Flamingo Pink round casserole. It was $12 at an antique store which is a bit much for me but it is pink, and I love the round casseroles. Plus, I'm on vacation! Haha. Finally I picked up the Verde oval casserole for $3. I realize now that I already have it but it is in perfect condition and this is my favorite size, so I think I'll still keep it! Not bad in the Pyrex department! :)

Cathrineholm!, originally uploaded by jenib320.

I accidently swore out loud when I saw these bowls. We were walking through this expensive antique store (I had just seen a Pyrex Primary bowl set for $78!) when I saw these I was telling my Mom that the one thing I would pay antique store price for was Catherineholm. Right as I said catherineholm I saw the bowls and screamed! What are the chances? They are a bit rough, they'll need some Bar Keeper's Friend when we get home, but I love them. I can't wait to find more! It was only $15 for the pair, they had no idea what they were, the tag was marked "vintage granite bowl pair".. interesting!

Dress, originally uploaded by jenib320.

I am really loving this dress we picked up at Salvation Army. It was $4.50. It too is going to need some work. It's too big for me so we'll have to take it in, and there is a stain on the bottom hem but we'll make it work! And if not I'll just salvage the fabric and make something out of it. Love the pattern!

Plastic Lotus Bowls, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Saw a lot of white lotus bowls today but I already have too many. Found these plastic ones for $.25 each! They're funny, I like them.

Smiley, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Finally, picked up this fun little utentsil for $.50. My Mom has one really similar that was from Target a few years ago. This guy will be used often for stirring pasta :)

All in all it was a very successful day of thrifting. We didn't get lost, and we found lots of goodies!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Chicken Dumpling soup
Sound of: Wind in the palm trees
Taste of: Diet Coke
Sight of: Pyrex
Feel of: Success

Good Things about Today:
- Had a very good day of thrifting
- Cathrineholm!
- Going to see Harry Potter 6 tomorrow
- Entourage season 5

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  1. Amazing that you got all of those deals down there!!! I was in that area recently but I didn't get much because I didn't know how to bring it all back! I'm glad to see another person who loves thrifting!!


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