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Monday, September 6, 2010

Embroidery, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finished up a little embroidery this weekend! Used a super cute pattern from Littledear!

Pumpkin Waffles!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Made Pumpkin Waffles with some of my homemade pumpkin puree!

Vintage Fabric, originally uploaded by jenib320.
A few favorites :)

Castle Peeps Quilt, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally picked up backing fabric for my Castle Peeps quilt. The back is going to have a giant scrappy plus on it!

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George :)

Flannel Projects?, originally uploaded by jenib320.
My flannel stash is overwhelming me, I never use it. Anyone have any good flannel projects?

Thank you to everyone who purchased vintage sheet fat quarters from me this weekend! The response was fantastic! Thanks for fueling my collecting! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Vanilla candle
Sound of: Harry Potter 5
Taste of: Pumpkin waffles
Sight of: A semi-clean apartment
Feel of: Fresh air

Good Things about Today:
- My DQS9 partner received her quilt!!
- Had a successful grocery trip.
- Had the window open all day long!
- Made pumpkin waffles!
- Ate pumpkin waffles! :)


  1. I like to make baby gifts out of flannel - burp cloths, lovies, et cetera. Depending on how much flannel you have, a lovely flannel quilt is perfect for the chilly winter. Don't know if it's your thing, but flannel can be great for cloth pads too!

  2. I have a lot of flannel too, and I like to make baby blankets. They are so soft and comfy that at times I wish I was a baby so I can have an excuse to have one. They are so simple to make too!

  3. Your home always sounds like it smells so yummy.
    I hope the picture file thing worked out by the way. I'm so grateful for your help.

  4. you have an AWESOME flannel collection! I always wanted the kawaii junk food & those mushrooms are cuuuute!
    Here's what I love flannel for:
    cloth pads (obviously, lol), makeup removers (one side terry, one side flannel, pillowcases, the lining on electronic pouches...I lined my kindle case with some, the backing on quilts!, gifts for little people, throw pillows for couch napping and dishtowels!!!

  5. First I must say I love your blog. Especially how you end each post. It inspires and encourages me. Next I must say I am majorly coveting your flannel stash. I am such a flannel freak. Most of what I make includes flannel of some sort. Blankets. baby gnomes. Teething babies. Even my Waldorf dolls typically has something flannel on them. Where do you shop for yours. I definitely needs to pick up some of those prints!

  6. Yes, the babies love flannel!

    Such a sweet blog.

  7. Pretty embroidery! I could never tire of modern embroidery. So, guess what? On Labor Day I made a pumpkin pie from my homegrown pumpkins and it turned out so YUMMY. Here, here for homemade pumpkin puree!

  8. I make flannel toys!!! You have to pop over to my blog and check out Zorg the Alien or Alphie the Comforter!

  9. You know just how to get me weak at the knees! I love pumpkin anything, your cross stitch, and bunnies! Thanks for sharing!


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