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Sunday, September 12, 2010

PyrexCollective, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Wanted to share a fun project I have been involved in with Erin of Yard Sale Snoop! We collaborated to start up a blog dedicated to blogging about Pyrex called The Pyrex Collective. It's a big group of bloggers talking Pyrex all the time! I haven't been able to post much lately with school in full swing, but it's come along great! If you love Pyrex you should head over and check it out!

Photo by Erin.
Anyways! Erin wrote a great article for the Toronto Star and asked me if I'd be interested in contributing some of my photos to the article! I of course said yes and long story short, the article was published this past weekend! It's so cool to see such a big article about Pyrex and to see some of my photos in print! You can head on over to the Toronto Star website and read the article here: Passionate for Pyrex. It's a great article!

Photo by Erin.
Thanks for this opportunity to get involved Erin! :)

Happy Pyrexing!


  1. Ooh! Almost every single dish that is pictured in the article! I love pyrex! Thanks so much for your blog(s)! I read them all the time!

  2. You take such beautiful photos, Jeni. It's so nice to see them in this article. Pyrex is very appealing, but you have the ability to make it even more drool worthy in your photos!

  3. Jeni I loved the article that Erin wrote and your photos were splendid! Gosh I love Pyrex!!

  4. If I had known, I would have picked you up a copy of the Star (I'm in Toronto) to mail to you!


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