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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Around My Sewing Area, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Since it was a perfect Spring day yesterday, I figured it was about time I did a little spring cleaning! Yesterday I tackled my sewing area. I recently reorganized my fabric stash but after picking up a large amount of vintage fabric from the thrift, things needed a little rearranging. My apartment may not be that big, but I do have a dedicated sewing/crafting area, which I use everyday! It's right in the main room though, so it's important that I keep it looking nice.

Around My Sewing Area, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Part of the messiness was caused by vintage sheets! I just finished cutting up all 80 sheet FQs for the vintage sheet swap and there were scraps and unfolded sheets everywhere! It was time they get a designated place. So I shuffled around some of my vintage goodies and cleared a space for my vintage sheet and vintage fabric collection. Now it's all out in the open so I can look at it every day! :)

Around My Sewing Area, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I don't think I shared my vintage fabric jackpot here! This past weekend I picked up a ton of vintage fabric from a local thrift store. In addition, two weeks ago my Mom let me go through her vintage fabric stash. Let's just say my collection of vintage fabrics has doubled (probably tripled) in the last two weeks! This photo shows about 90% of my collection. There are a few more prints in great yardage stored away.

Watch out later today for the next Pyrex Series post! If you're new to the Pyrex Series, click here.


Ashe + Aric said...

It all looks so pretty!!! I need to re-do my sewing area... well... actually my whole room is just awful right now. But you've inspired me!

Sonia said...

Man....our thrift stores here are CRAP! I need to go on a road trip and find some good stores! I want more vintage linens! I love them.

Chelsea Strong said...

How do you keep the kitty away? My tuxedo cat would be on top of these piles in an instant!

Ingrid said...

you are good at finding beautiful vintage fabric im so jealous:-)

feather said...

oh, i'm stuck on those sheets! what fun!

Halima said...

You have inspired me to clean up my sewing area too! It is in the corner of our dining room and right now not so nice to look at. Great fabric collection, especially the vintage sheets, beautiful!