Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifting, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I managed to squeeze in a little thrifting this afternoon at my favorite thrift store. I have not found much Horizon Blue Pyrex but it is a pattern that is dear to my heart. The first two pieces of Pyrex that I bought, which sparked my interest in collection were a 472 and 473 casserole on the pattern. I remember after purchasing them looking online to find the pattern name and running across the Pyrex Love website. The rest is history!

Finished Starflower Quilt, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I finished up my black & white Starflower Quilt this afternoon! The quilting went pretty quickly. I decided on a free motion pattern because I'm just not feeling comfortable with my walking foot quite yet. I am happy with how it turned out. I was able to use leftover fabrics for the binding and the backing which was great. If anyone is interested, the Starflower Block pattern can be found over at Modify Tradition.

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George has made his way in front of my lens again. How can I resist that face?

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh air
Sound of: Imogen Heap
Taste of: Peanut butter & fluff :)
Sight of: Finished quilt
Feel of: George

Good Things about Today:
- Some good thrifting!
- Got a few good photos despite the rain!
- Finished up my quilt!
- Telfair is making a great Cavs debut!


  1. I have a soft spot for Horizon Blue too. The casserole was my third Pyrex, which I felt constituted a collection.

  2. Love the quilt! So jealous! Can't even speak to you about the pyrex - I do not need to adopt ANOTHER passion! Stop teasing me!

  3. Came here from Toronto Yard Sale Snoop's links. You had me at the fantastic Pyrex, but then I saw your quilts and your bunny (we used to have one). It's an awesomeness trifecta! I'll visit again real soon.

  4. I love your Starflower quilt! Very cool in black and white. I really like your quilting too.


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