The Pyrex Series: Common Patterns

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The next few weeks of The Pyrex Series is going to deal with patterns. This week's focus is on "common" patterns. I say common reluctantly because not all of these patterns are necessarily all easy to find. They are however all pretty standard in the sizes they came in and were not promotional so were made in decent quantity.

Butterfly Gold I & II, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There were two different versions of the Butterfly Gold Pattern. The first version is much more common than the second, and one of if not the most common pattern produced. The difference between the two is a slight difference in color and the actual design is slightly different.

Spring Blossom Green I & II, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Spring Blossom Green is another one of the most common patterns. Both Spring Blossom Green and Butterfly Gold had lines or Corelle dishes that coordinated, making them extra popular. There are two versions of Spring Blossom Green. The first is the most common. The second has a lighter color of green on some of the pieces and a different design.

Autumn Harvest & Woodland, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Autumn Harvest and Woodland were both produced near the end of vintage Pyrex production. Both are considered somewhat newer patterns. Autumn Harvest has red and orange pieces while Woodland has two different shades of brown. Both often have "safe for the microwave" stamps on them.

Colonial Mist & Early American, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Colonial Mist and Early American are both fairly common patterns. Early American has gold details on some of the pieces.

Snowflake Blue & Homestead, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Snowflake Blue is the only "common" pattern that I have never owned a piece of! This photo is from my good friend Twin72 on Flickr! I think this is simply by chance however, plus it's not really my style! I have to limit myself a little or I'll run out of room! Both patterns are generally considered pretty common.

Gooseberry & Butterprint, originally uploaded by jenib320.
As with the majority of the patterns, both Gooseberry and Butterprint have many pieces that have alternating colors. There are some promotional pieces of Butterprint along with the standard items. I am pretty sure that neither Butterprint nor Gooseberry has oval casseroles.

Daisy & Verde, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Daisy and Verde both are a little different. Daisy has pieces with opal lids as well as soild colored mixing bowls and another pattern on the cinderella bowls. Verde also has opal patterned lids along with solid casseroles, mixing bowls, and refrigerator dishes.

Horizon Blue & Friendship, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Both Horizon Blue and Friendship have solid colored pieces intermixed with the pattern pieces. Friendship can be somewhat hard to find because it is a popular pattern.

Town & Country & Square Flowers, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Town & Country and Square Flowers have solids mixed with patterned pieces as well. This can often make it hard to determine which set a solid pieces comes from.

Forest Fancies & Old Orchard, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally, there is Forest Fancies and old Orchard. Forest Fancies as far as I know, is all the same color/pattern, the speckled brown. The Old Orchard has a few solid pieces in brown by the majority of the pieces are orange.

For much much more information on these patterns and many of the promotional patterns and pieces, head over to the Pyrex Love website!

What is everyone's favorite pattern?


  1. I don't think that I could choose just one. I love Gooseberry, Butterprint and Friendship a lot, though.

  2. So pretty!! I love the Friendship ones!! You're starting to make me love Pyrex!!

  3. Gorgeous selection!

    Floral Bouquet used to be my fave but after seeing these, Woodlands and Forest Fancies are right up there!


  5. now i know what some of my pieces are called! i just picked up three of the four autumn harvest pieces at my favorite thrifting spot. and i have a few of the woodland pieces. and my fave is a bowl from the butterprint series. that blue is so lovely.

  6. ooo this is another great post jeni! <3 it!!! I adore town & country, gooseberry, snowflakes, butterprint & friendship!

  7. Your collection of Pyrex is stunning and what great information you have on it: it was really interesting to see the different types and what they are called and all your wonderful knowledge of it.
    I like your thrifting and vintage sheet posts too!

  8. I do not suffer from "Pyrexia" however, as a professional "Treasure Hunter", my store is never without Pyrex. I have seen some great pieces come in and out of my shop over the years. I got excited about the pink nesting bowls, I thought they were great but my personal collection includes the Turquoise Amish Butterprint mixing bowls and fridge dishes. The are beautiful and practical. I feed my dog out of a pair of small yellow Hostess bowls. She loves them! Great blog, thank you.

  9. LOVE this post!! So helpful! I have a small Butterprint aqua bowl that I adore and a bigger bowl in Friendship. I use them all the time because they make me happy :)

  10. Spring Blossom Green
    I just found your blog, and I love it!
    My parents had a spring blossom green mixing bowl, and last Thanksgiving, after years of saying I wanted it, my dad told me I could keep it. I keep it on my sewing table because I'm afraid my kids or husband might break it.
    I'd love to find more pieces.

  11. I am finding this and Pyrex Love so helpful! Thank you. : ) Do you happen to know of a price guide anywhere? I am finding pieces everywhere, priced all over the place and it is confusing me. I've purchased some complete sets of some of the prints I love, but individually I'm not sure what's fair. Thanks Jeni!!!

  12. I'm researching Pyrex brand and this is a beautiful collection. Thank you for the info.

  13. My favorite color is yellow so I have almost a complete set of butterfly gold.


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