The Pyrex Series: Favorite Size

Sunday, April 18, 2010

043 Oval Casseroles, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I had a really hard time deciding what my favorite size dish is! It seems to change all the time. For now, the 043 Oval Casserole dishes are my favorite. There were many promotional dishes made in this size, many of which are my favorite!

Pink Stems - The #1!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
This is my number one, most favorite piece of Pyrex. I love the beautiful pink color and the white design reminds me of Orla Kiely. I received this beauty in a trade a few months ago and I just love it! This piece is often referred to as Stems.

Tulip Promotional Casserole, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I love the modern pattern on this one. This casserole is also a promotional casserole referred to as Tulip. I love the bright candy color of this one!

Daisy Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.
This piece is dear to my heart! Apart from being bright and cheery it has sentimental value as well. My Mom bought this piece for her sister as a wedding present. When I started collecting, by Aunt gave it to me! :)

Pink Daisy Oval Casserole, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There weren't many pieces made in the Pink Daisy pattern but the oval casserole is one of them! I just can't resist the pink!

Pyrex!!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Another floral themed casserole! I love how much the black tulips pop on the white and it's just another fun, modern design!

Part of the reason I love this size is because of the wonderful patterns for this size. However, it is also a very handy size! It's perfect when you're only cooking for one or two! They also stack and store really nicely. If you turn the lid upside down, you can easily place another one on top of it! :)

What is your favorite size of Pyrex?


  1. i don't know names or sizes, but the largest mixing bowls are my favorite. i mix pancakes, cookies, salads, and anything else i make. i'm partial to that robin's egg blue and the orange colors. love that one from your aunt!

  2. oh gosh, these are awesome!
    I love the fridge boxes best! I think they are perfect for me because I like to stick random stuff in little boxes!
    Also, ok, I think I might have made a mistake today!
    I went to a flea market & I got two things, a gooseberry fridge box with the lid & then a large town & country mixing bowl...well after I was leaving I saw this weird little blue was round with a lid and then it had a metal cradle! It was $18 & I'd used all my cash & my husband was texting me to meet him for lunch but now I wish I'd taken a photo or something! I feel like I should have grabbed it!!!!

  3. You have the BEST collection! Every pieces looks so shiny and perfect.

  4. this is my favorite size as well. i only have 1 this size, but its the one i use the most.

  5. These and the 2.5 qt casseroles are also my current faves. I love taking them to potlucks - so handy and cute!

  6. Jeni, I have a question...I pick up all clear Pyrex lids when I find them for 2 reasons: 1. because they are usually CHEAP (.49 to .69 at Goodwill) and 2. because I can stash them for pairing up with a Pyrex piece I purchase sans lid. Is there a rule for Which lids actually go with Certain Pyrex pieces, OR do you just pair them up if they "fit" ?

  7. Hi, Jen - I'm "sneak surfing" in work and came across your blog. Adorable! I too am a Pyrexphile. Last summer I scored a four-piece stacking set - the one you show in green- in block on yellow - never used! perfect condition! I got it at a flea market in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. It's one of my prized possessions. At age 65, I'm a "bit" older than you - and the old Pyrex brings me back to my mom's kitchen in Jersey City - that kitchen was a wonderful place to be - I think it's what heaven might be like. Thanks for your wonderful blog!


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