The Pyrex Series: Numbering & Sizing

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today we are going to be outlining the numbering and sizing systems of Pyrex. I've tried to include photos along with each of the pieces! All Pyrex is stamped on the bottom of the dish with this kind of information. It will say Pyrex and have the number and size stamped with it as well.

Mixing Bowls, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are two different types of mixing bowls. The first type is the regular Mixing Bowls. They are numbered as follows: 401 (1.5 pt), 402 (1.5 qt), 403 (2.5 qt), 404 (4 qt). The second type of mixing bowls are the Cinderella Mixing Bowls. These have handles and pour spouts on the sides. They are numbered as follows: 441 (1.5 pt), 442 (1.5 qt), 443 (2.5 qt), 444 (4 qt).

Bake Serve & Store Casseroles, originally uploaded by jenib320.
The Bake Serve and Store casseroles are very popular. They are numbered as follows: 471 (1 pt), 472 (1.5 pt), 473 (1 qt). Each of the three casseroles in this set have the same size lid.

The Round Casseroles are similar to the Bake Serve and Store casseroles but they get bigger in size. The smallest size is the same as the largest Bake Serve ad Store casserole. They are numbered as follows: 473 (1 qt), 474 (1.5 qt), 475 (2 qt). Each of these casseroles requires a different size lid.

Woodland Pyrex Refrigerator Set, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Refrigerator sets are made up of 4 different dishes and 4 lids. There is one base piece, one rectangular piece, and two smaller pieces. They are numbered as follows: 501 (1.5 c) (You need two of these for a complete set!), 502 (1.5 pt), 503 (1.5 qt).

Oval Casseroles, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are a lot of promotional pieces made in the Oval Casserole size, especially in the smaller size. They are numbered as follows: 043/943 (1.5 qt), 045/945 (2.5 qt).

Square Flowers Pyrex!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
The Oval Divided dishes are similar in shape to the Oval Casserole but shallow and divided. They are numbered as follows: 963 (1.5 qt). There are also Open Bakers which are the same shape as the Divided dishes by without the divide. They are numbered as follows: 053 (1.5 qt).

Utility Dishes & Baking Dishes, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are a variety of different Utility Dishes in a range of colors. They are numbered as follows: 231 (1.5 qt), 232 (2 qt).

In addition to the Utility Dishes, there are a number of Baking Dishes. There is an 8x8 Square Baking Dish numbered 922 (8x8x2), a 13x9 Lasagna Pan numbered 933 (3 qt), and a Loaf Pan numbered 913 (1.5 qt). These come in solid colors and in patterns.

Round Casseroles & Space Savers, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Space Savers were made in a few patterns and these have lids that fit them. They are numbered as follows: 548 (1.25 qt), 575 (2 qt).

The Round Covered Casseroles were produced in a wide range of colors and promotional patterns. They look a lot like bowls and are often found without lids which are clear. They are numbered as follows: 024 (2 qt), 023 (1.5 qt). There are Individual Round Covered Casseroles as well which are numbered 080 (8 oz).

Red Hostess Oven and Table Set, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There were two Hostess Sets produced, an Oven & Table Set and a Casserole & Table Set. The only real differences in these sets were the sizes. The Oven & Table Set is numbered as follows: 525 (2.5 qt), 410 (12 oz) 525-C (lid). The Casserole & Table Set is numbered as follows: 515 (1.5 qt), 407 (7 oz), 515-C (lid). These sets often came in Red, Yellow, and Turquoise.

Finally, there are Cake Pans and Pie Plates. The Cake Pan is 8.25" and numbered 221 (8.25"). The Pie Plate is 8.5" and numbered 209 (8.5").

There are a few pieces that I've left off, but these are the main sizes! Don't forget, all Pyrex is labeled Pyrex!

Check out the Pyrex Love website for more detailed information as well as tons of other useful Pyrex info! :)


  1. ooo this is another great post!!! I *adore* the round covered casseroles, I want a whole bunch of the littlest ones!

  2. great post. i found the mostexciting pyrex thrift of my thrifting career on sunday afternoon. i literally squealed out loud in the middle of the goodwill! i'll have to post that one soon!

  3. Where do you find all of these lovelies?! I have been trying to collect some mixing bowls of various sizes, but down in Alabama I can't find much :(

  4. My dear girl - how on earth do you even function at the most basic human level with all those goodies to play with? Don't you feel constantly distracted?! I know the blog is a good outlet but even so! I bet you creep around at night and get everything in your pyrex collection out too coo and ahh over! I would!

    On a completely unrelated subject, I've just noticed your tablecloth! Love that fabric!

    M xx

  5. My grandma had the large red bowl in the hostess set. She would always make some kind of yummy salad in it. I would love to have my Dad find it in storage and send it to me.
    thanks for sharing julie

  6. I had no idea that the Bake, Serve and Store sets all have the same lid size. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I guess I really should check out the more tech. aspects of Pyrex at Pyrex Love but everytime I visit I head straight to "Pattern Reference" and start dreaming. You have an amazing collection!

  7. Jealous. Where do you have the room to store all of this pyrex?

  8. Couldn't understand why reproducing my Mom's homemade Mac and cheese was not working out then I thought about the dish my mom use. The oval covered casserole is the answer for delicious mac and cheese.

  9. Wonderful post! (Informative, lovely pix.) Found your site because I wanted info on Pyrex capacity, and now I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of it. Best wishes.

  10. I've noticed some pieces have the letter B after, like 473 B what does the B mean? Is the plain 473 different to the 473 B?

  11. I took notes. and read carefully. I really wanted to learn about Pyrex and I want to Thank You. You taught me something today. much appreciated. Truly, your an excellent teacher.

  12. Thanks for the info. Can you please help me understand what the last two numbers of a model number might mean? For example, I am trying to replace a broken lid from my grandmother's set that reads 470-C32, but the larger lid in the set reads 475-C23. What is the significance of 32 vs 23? Thank you!

  13. Trying to find out if my pre-1950 yellow 404 bowl might be a misprint?
    The stamp on the bottom of all yellow 404 bowls is -2, but mine is marked -5 which I believe refers to a sandalwood color, but this is definitely primary yellow - ?

  14. I have a clear glass round PYREX england 8 snail plate .I need some information vintage year etc

  15. I have a round clear pyrex lid with a a next to Pyrex and 475- 020 on other side. I m not sure what it fits.


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