The Pyrex Series: Promotional Patterns

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have been procrastinating writing this post because Promotional pieces are the most difficult to understand. So instead of trying to talk about every different promotional piece that we know exists, we'll cover some of the basics!

Pink Daisy & Snowflake, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are a few patterns that did not have full sets of pieces like the common patterns but had multiple items. These are Pink Daisy and Snowflake. Both patterns were used on Space Savers, Oval Casseroles, Divided Dishes, and Open Bakers. The Pink Daisy are all the same but the Snowflake included white on turquoise, turquoise on white, white on black, and even black on yellow.

Red Hearts & Zodiac Casseroles, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are numerous promotionals in the round casserole size. This Red Hearts Casserole is a 473 and the Zodiac Casserole is a 475. The Red Hearts Casserole is one of my favorites!

Oval Casseroles, originally uploaded by jenib320.
One of the most popular sizes that promotional items came in is the 043 Oval Casserole size. As I talked about last week, it is my favorite size! There are so many patterns made in it and they don't take up much space! There were also some promotional patterns in the larger 045 size as well. The casseroles on the left are Daisy, Pink Stems and Tulip. The casserole on the right is Sage Scroll.

Balloons & Medallion, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There were a few different chip and dip sets made, all of which are promotional items. This Balloons set, owned by Twin72 is one of my favorites! Love that color! There are also a few bowls in promotional patterns, like this Medallion Bowl.

Barbed Wire & Terra, originally uploaded by jenib320.
There are quite a few promotional divided dishes. This is the Barbed Wire Divided dish. The Terra pattern isn't exactly a promotional pattern, but it wasn't made in many pieces. There are some casseroles, handleless mugs and mixing bowls. It is difficult to find them in good condition.

Friendship & New Dots, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Some promotional pieces are actually made in regular patterns. This promotional pattern is part of the Friendship line. There are also promotional Butterprint and Gooseberry patterns. Finally, one of the most coveted promotional sets, the New Dots Mixing Bowl Set. This set belongs to _sirkus_ over on Flickr. This is easily one of the most expensive sets!

For much much more information on Pyrex and especially on promotional items, head on over to the Pyrex Love website. :)


  1. I'm LOVING your Pyrex series! Beautiful pictures and great info. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Such gorgeous pieces I love the colours and patterns.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  3. I just found your blog through the flickr group of the vintage sheet fat quarter swap (isn't that slightly convoluted?) the other day and I read this post Friday evening. It was quite fascinating and I saw quite a few patterns I've never seen before and then the very next morning at our local thrift store I found the exact Barbed Wire Divided dish (minus the lid) that you had in your post! I never would have picked it up otherwise, but I was so delighted to recognize it and that I knew the name that I just had to bring it home. :)Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this subject with the rest of us. Your blog is lovely and I can't wait to read more in this series.

  4. I just came across your blog & I luv it!

    My 7y/o picked up the pink daisy 1.5qt casserole dish for me this wkend $.50.

  5. Those patterns are just so amazing. It is very attractive and I am so sure that having that kind of promotional item is a good choice.

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  6. Those are some beautiful examples of bowl sets. The pattern on the red hearts casserole bowl is so intricate and beautiful. I also really like the pattern on the friendship casserole bowl with the birds and flowers blended into it.

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  7. i saw a set of the New Dots on vacation over the weekend! I passed on it because of the high price tag and it was missing the green large bowl. :(

  8. Are the pink daisy and the snowflake still available? I had one of each, pine larger than the other, and to my great sorrow they are no more.

    1. Unfortunately Pyrex stopped making colored pyrex a long time ago!


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